Wrens Members Break Up, Kevin Whelan Releases New Songs As Aeon Station Via Sub Pop


We were waiting for the new The Troglodytes album for nearly two decades, and while Charles Bissell continues to tinker with his contributions to The prairies‘followed, the other songwriter and singer of the group, Kevin whelan, took the songs he wrote for the album, added more and released them as an album, Observatory, under the name of Aeon Station. Whelan says the album “looks like a band but isn’t”.

According to a characteristic of The New York Times, Whelan plays almost every instrument on the album, but he also features contributions from his bandmates Wrens Greg Whelan (his brother) and Jerry macdonald, but not Bissell.

Part of that was because he didn’t want to wait any longer for Bissell to finish his songs, and the article notes that a completed album was given to Sub Pop in 2013, but Bissell then withdrew. “The songs were awesome,” Whelan told the Times. “But I always say that. I am that guy. He’s the other guy. I’m good with the third take, he’s like, I need three years of takes. “

The New York Times writes that in 2019, “Bissell said the album was ready for release. But first he wanted to work on” internal band stuff “and that’s when, after more than 30 years calling themselves a band, that the Wrens fell apart. ” More from the article:

No one in the group wants to release dirty laundry, but the nature of the dispute seems pretty clear. The original model of four equal partners no longer represented the current reality. Bissell wanted a new business arrangement that reflected not only the work he put into the songs, but the band’s website he built, the social media presence he maintained, all the ways he maintained the Wrens’ profile over the years while the rest pursued outside careers.

“Charles wanted to feel more understood, more heard about his contribution,” said Whelan. “I was never against it, but when we started talking about how to do it, it got really long and complicated.”

And as it dragged on, Whelan decided he was done waiting.

According to Times article, since Whelan spoke to Bissell about the Aeon Station album two months ago, the two have not spoken to each other. Bissell then said he first saw this as “The Wrens are over,” he told the Times that he wrote more songs this summer to go along with the eight songs that were already completed, so now we can get a new Wrens album that has two parts.

Aeon Station Observatory releases December 10 via Sub Pop. No music has been released yet, stay tuned.

The Wrens Secaucus is reissued on vinyl for Record Store Day Black Friday.

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