Woman describes how she unknowingly became an escape driver in Nipsey Killing

The woman who drove the man accused of Nipsey Hussle’s murder testified in court on Monday, saying she unknowingly became the driver of the getaway.

By NBC Los AngelesBryannita Nicholson, 35, recalled the moment she saw Nipsey outside a South Los Angeles mall on March 31, 2019. Nicholson, who met accused murderer Eric Holder Jr. while driving for Lyft a little over a month earlier recalled, “I was like, ‘Ooh, it’s okay Nipsey, he’s fine. “”At the time, she mentioned to Holder that she wanted to take a picture with Nip.

The mall housed Nip’s clothing store, The Marathon, and the Master Burger restaurant where Holder asked Nicholson to take her. Holder got out of the car and walked towards the rapper as Nicholson was looking to park, and at no point did he mention to her that he knew Nip through street gang ties. As she reached Holder, she noticed his voice had risen. “Eric was asking Nipsey, ‘Did you tell anyone I reported?'” she testified.

Nicholson said she was able to take a selfie with the rapper, then rushed to her car to post the photo. “I was just excited, I was just happy, I just wanted to show my Facebook friends,” she said. After that, Holder walked into the burger joint and told Nicholson to drive around the block, at which point he pulled out a tractor-trailer. -an automatic handgun and I loaded it. “I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ You put that away, you won’t shoot anything outside my car,” Nicholson continued. “He put it away.”

She then stopped in an alley after Holder asked, and he said he would only stay for a few moments. Nicholson said he heard gunshots moments later and saw a man fleeing the scene. She considered leaving, but decided against it in case Holder was shot. Later he reappeared and told her to drive. “I was like, ‘What happened?'” Nicholson testified. “He said, ‘You talk too much, I should slap you.’ And he was just like, ‘Drive! Drive! ‘” It wasn’t until she got home that she learned that Nipsey had been shot and killed.

In the comments to his selfie with Nipsey, some said Holder was a suspect.

“Did you start thinking at that point that Eric might have done it?” Assistant District Attorney John McKinney asked in court, to which Nicholson replied, “Yes.” Despite this, she later agreed to pick him up and did not explain why she did so.

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