Wokingham music store wins bid for beer sales and live events



The owner of a music store in Wokingham won his bid to sell beer and host live events in the store.

The app involved selling the store’s branded beer and hosting events until 10 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

Mr Biles learned his candidacy was successful last month.

He said: “The letter saying our license had been granted was sent on September 21, but I was first called by the licensing officers on September 1 to let us know.”

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Until now, Beyond the Download had a temporary license to sell its three branded beers and run irregular live events in the store.

So far he has seen live performances by British bands The Amazons, Circa Waves and Gengahr.

The licensing means events can be held more regularly and beers can be sold from open to close each day.

The stores sell three beers, the ‘Hells Bells’ 4.5 ABV lager, a ‘Beyond the Pale’ 4.2 ABV pale ale and the ‘Beyond the Bitter End’ 4.1 ABV bitter beer, all of which are sold in 500ml bottles.

The license was granted by the Public Protection Partnership (PPP), which manages licensing issues in the Borough of Wokingham.

PPP is a service shared between Wokingham Borough Council, West Berkshire Council and the Bracknell Forestry Council.

However, Wokingham Borough Council is expected to quit service next April.


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