Why did Joe Rogan fire Brian Redban from the JRE podcast?

Joe Rogan fired Brian Redband from his JRE podcast because Redban wouldn’t have the technical knowledge and co-hosting skills to make the show a success.

Comedian Brian Redban served as JRE’s producer and co-host from the show’s debut in 2009 until 2013.

The Joe Rogan Experience Released in 2009: Trying sucks, as long as you keep trying. https://t.co/0dNFWJh3nd

Brian Redban apparently couldn’t have added much to the conversation once Rogan started inviting people from outside the comedy world to the podcast.

Redban was known for constantly interrupting guests with his humor during interviews. Rogan and Redban had also occasionally had disagreements during the podcast.

Watch Rogan and Redban have a disagreement over JRE below:

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According a report from videocreator.chat, Brian Redban lacked in-depth technical knowledge of new audio and video technologies. This shortcoming prevented the comedian from performing effectively as the show’s producer once Joe Rogan increased the number of episodes per week.

Since their professional split, Redban and Rogan have managed to maintain a cordial relationship. Redband returned to the JRE podcast as a guest on a December 2021 episode.

Joe Rogan and Brian Redban talk about JRE

On the 1753rd edition of the JRE podcast, Joe Rogan welcomed former JRE producer Brian Redban to the show. On the podcast, Redban asked Rogan if he thought the podcast would reach its current heights, when they started it.

The UFC commentator said:

“No! There’s no way I could have predicted it. How the hell could anyone have predicted it. Like we started with zero listeners and didn’t think it was going to be anything else that just fuck it up. And then somewhere along the line, it became that.”

Watch Rogan and Redban talk about JRE below:

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During the podcast episode, Rogan explained that he was first intrigued by the idea of ​​a podcast when American radio personality Adam Carolla started one.

The JRE podcast currently attracts around 11 million views per episode. The podcast has more viewership than media giants like Fox News and CNN.

The podcast was licensed by Swedish music streaming service Spotify in 2020 for over $150 million. Over a hundred episodes of the podcast were removed recently in response to Rogan’s comments about COVID-19 vaccines and the use of racial slurs.

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