WHOMEEZ launches the first NFT line of a music distribution company



On June 15, 2021, Grammy Award-winning WHO? MAG Distribution launched ‘WHOMEEZ’, NFT’s first line of music distribution featuring legendary music icons, top current artists and social influencers, and Top Music Producers on June 15, 2021. Together with WarePlay Games and Dr. Krinkles, WHOMEEZ has already helped set the standard for how music distribution companies should build their NFTs.

CHERRY HILL, NJ – June 23, 2021 – (Newswire.com)

WHO? MAG Distribution, in partnership with WarePlay Games, Inc. and Dr. Krinkles, announces its new NFT line “WHOMEEZ”, which has become the first NFT line created by a music distribution company.

Grammy Award-winning WHO? MAG Distribution took a unique approach to its NFT line by creating digital collectible cards of 10 of its artists and combining them with 17 fake artists (the commons) to create an experience unique for NFT collectors. The packs consist of either 10 digital NFT cards ($ 10 Booster Packs) or 30 digital NFT cards ($ 25 Booster Packs). By collecting different variations of the WHOMEEZ cards, never-before-seen music, videos, interviews and / or images are made available to the NFT consumer. Card packs are currently available at www.whomeez.com.

The WHOMEEZ went on sale on June 15, 2021 and will only be operational for one month. WHOMEEZ Series 2 will be released shortly after.

“We are always trying to find unique strategies to help our distribution artists create residual income streams,” said Rob Schwartz, CEO of WHO? MAG Distribution. “WHOMEEZ gives them the opportunity not only to create a new source of income, but also to reach their fans directly for new material.”

WHO? MAG Cast artists who are part of Series 1 include:

  • Force MD’s – legendary R&B group with top singles “Tender Love” and “Love Is A House”
  • eyeamki – social media influencer with over 2.1 billion TikTok feeds and 2.6 million followers
  • Grandmaster Dee – DJ of the pioneering hip hop group Whodini (“Freaks Come Out At Night”)
  • Lush One – host of one of the biggest hip hop fighting leagues “King of the Dot”
  • Mikey D – New Music Seminar Battle winner and former hip hop member of Main Source
  • Bo Johnson – Swedish EDM producer, remixer and recording artist with over 2 million streams
  • Niramsin – Australian Pop Artist with Latest Music Video on MTV’s Spankin ‘New and BET Jams
  • Mr. Mig – producer / remixer for Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Usher, Rick Ross, Taylor Swift and more
  • Dell-P – received over 10 Grammy Considerations and has 3 rotating videos on BET Jams
  • Pap3rBag – combines unique artwork and rock elements with dark undertones

WHO? MAG Distribution (www.whomagdistribution.com) distributes through Sony Orchard and has over 1,200 music releases featuring some of the biggest names from all genres of music. NFTs were built by WarePlay Games (www.wareplaygames.com), the creators of Carousel World and King of Quotes. The cards were designed by Dr. Krinkles. For more information on WHOMEEZ or WHO? MAG Distribution, contact David at [email protected]

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WHOMEEZ launches the first NFT line of a music distribution company

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