Welcome to the new North Coast Winds columnist, Liz!



Thank Yyu Robin for thinking of me as you pass the baton of your ‘North Shore Winds’ as you move on to other creative projects both near and far. I’m sure we’ll be hearing from you again and again in the months to come. We wish you all the best and thank you for all that you have contributed to the Gazette.

Winds of the north coast [and winds!] all the way up and down this beautiful and incredible north coast of Sonoma and Mendocino. From Jenner to the mouth of the Russian River, meandering along Jenner Grade where I took this photo when the cows were grazing in this area… imagine walking up those steep hills !, to… ..

Fort Ross, Stewart’s Point, Sea Ranch, Gualala, Anchor Bay, Point Arena, Rollerville, then Manchester, Elk and beyond.

This is where I have called ‘Home Sweet Home for the past 25 years. I transplanted here with Jeff Hillier and our 6 month old son Jasper from downtown Chicago with all the activity, creativity [and asphalt] a big town was to offer the supreme quiet of small town Manchester a one-room cabin on Brush Creek on the site of the old Creamery property where we swapped for rent, turned part of the Creamery building into our gallery space art, built a darkroom, and basically embarked on life on the coast. Much like the twists and turns of Highway 1 that connects much of California, my life has also twisted and turned upside down over the years. Jeff and I broke up [even though we share the same property!], we are [mostly] by raising Jasper, and now we have the pleasure of watching his life blossom, blossom and change.

Jeff runs the Think Visual Art Gallery at Point Arena and I exhibit my work there from time to time. I do landscaping in the area and really enjoy this type of work, although it can be very difficult at times. [think north coast winds!] Work with plants and soil, rocks and slabs… birds, bees, butterflies… and worms! Ahhhh… such a life! I also do deliveries for the Gazette, stopping 42 times from Jenner to Manchester, stocking shelves and boxes along the way. Let me know if you know of a business or industry that would like to offer the Gazette. When I tell my older sister, Susannah that I drove to the Santa Rosa area to pick up papers, she loves to hear me say out loud that I’m doing this because I have a PAPER ROUTE! Ahhhh, the simple pleasures.

Did I say I’m one of 11 siblings? Bobby susannahtommymarymarkpeterwilliamelizabethjohnnydannyandkathleen but that’s another story!

Since this is my introductory piece, I’m going to offer you a few gems for now and get into more detailed events in the months to come.

First of all …. how about this RAIN !!! I was so happy to feel that everything was soaked, me included. I worked outside all day and had to change clothes 3 times. Hope all much more where this came from.

Fort Ross Historical Park is a must-see on your travels [and down] the side. The park is fully open and follows all COVID-19 safety guidelines. The park is located 12 miles north of Jenner. There is a website where you can check out what’s there and learn about the fascinating history of our region.

The Gualala Arts Center is hosting “River Wild,” an exhibit by the Pointless Sisters Art Quilt Group of Sonoma County from Saturday October 2 to November 7.

See their sculptures in the gardens as well as other exhibits throughout the center. .

Point arena

The Arena Theater is open! Lovingly restored to its present state in 1997 by community volunteers, the Arena Theater is a 1928 live entertainment and movie theater. screen 4 days a week. On October 9, there will be a TV broadcast of 10 Live at the Met productions. Masks and social distancing are mandatory. Visit their website for current movies and more information. They are located at 214 Main Street.

Think Visual Gallery is currently showing work by local artist Dustin Smith. It’s a fabulous spectacle portraying life at Arena Cove… to die for! You can watch the end of this show until October 11. Think Visual is located at 240 Main St 882-4042.

Mark Your Calendar: Artist Reception Friday October 15 3 pm-7pm “A Sound Imagination”: The Art of Mixed Media by Harrison Goldberg and Paula J. Haymond.

An exhibition featuring a collection of small abstract works on paper by Harrison Goldberg paired with six once-shabby and unplayable saxophones that multimedia artist Paula Haymond magically and uniquely transformed after an acid wash, an engraving and a fanciful painting.


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