Watch Guns N ‘Roses launch new song “Absurd” at Boston concert



During their August 3 concert at Fenway Park in Boston, Guns N ‘Roses released a new song “Absurd”, which is a revamp of a previously unreleased song called “Silkworms”.

“Some of you may have heard it by another name, but it’s really absurd for us to try this,” frontman Axl Rose told the crowd with a laugh. “Wasn’t that funny? And they don’t even know the joke yet,” he added. “Okay, so it’s called ‘Absurd’!”

“See? I’m never short of love songs. It was fun. So you heard it here first, a new Guns N ‘Roses song,” Rose said after the song was over.

Watch the performance of “Absurd” in the pair of videos further down the page.

Die-hard fans will recognize parts of the song like “Silkworms”, a track that was the origin of the song. Chinese democracy sessions, but never appeared on the 2008 album. Even so, “Absurd”, performed on stage at Fenway Park, sounds considerably different from the leaked recordings of “Silkworms”, although some parts have been left untouched.

Rose’s vocals are deep and booming (think “Mr. Brownstone” or “It’s So Easy”) and the band is quite aggressive, extending into a rolling groove with classic and familiar elements aided by flourishes of solo guitar which moves away the piece from the old version of “Silkworm”.

The members of GN’R have all been saying over the past few years that they are working on new material, so maybe there’s even more to come or maybe we’ll see the official release of the single “Absurd soon.” “.

Stay tuned, things will definitely continue to heat up.

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Guns N ‘Roses, “Absurd” – Live August 3, 2021

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