Turn the music up in 2022 and save on these stylish studio headphones

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Take a look around on your next walk through town or commute via public transport, and it has become common to see people wearing headphones on the move. Of course, as many of us know, not all audio devices are created equal.

From budget reasons to lack of information, many people are content with headphones that fall short of the modern value created by key industry improvements. Enjoy a higher level of sound quality without breaking the bank on picking up Multicolored studio headphones At a reduced price.

For a limited time, you can enhance your listening experience while getting connectivity with any Bluetooth enabled device, like cell phones, tablets and laptops. These foldable studio headphones feature 90% noise canceling technology designed to stream your favorite songs, podcasts or conversations with clear, quality sound.

It can also connect without Bluetooth technology, using 3.5mm audio jack with other devices.

With a sleek black and blue design, glossy finish, and weighing around half a pound, these headphones are perfectly suited for travel, thanks to a foldable design and convenient USB cable charging. The battery is designed to last up to nine hours on a single charge, so it’s a great entertainment option for any upcoming trip or workout.

Far more affordable than comparable industry alternatives, this stylish pair of headphones lets you escape any environment you find yourself in, whether it’s a crying baby on an airplane or the annoying growls of an overzealous gym fan. Instead, dive into your audio, from favorite tracks to insightful interviews, and everything in between.

Stop settling for mediocre listening equipment and improve a key part of your daily routine by securing these multi-colored studio headphones for only $ 34.99 (reg. $ 39).

Prices subject to change.

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