Troy Street Pianos sparks a musical sense of community

TROY, NY (NEWS10) – Troy Street Pianos is a public art project placing pianos in parks and other public spaces around the city for everyone to enjoy and play. Each piano is both a working instrument and a work of art, each designed and painted by a local artist.

There are three pianos unique to Troy:

‘The Crowd’ by Fernando Orellana

  • Located at Snowman, 531 5th Avenue in Lansingburgh

Conceived by Fernando Orellana, “The In Crowd” is a transmedia work intended to blur the lines between automation and reality. The imagery and storytelling that Orellana explores spans a spectrum that includes giving agency to automatons, embracing generative creation, celebrating the wonders of absurdity, and is most often guided by the universes of his subconscious.

All images courtesy of photographer Beth Mickalonis, Organ Colossal

“Waiting to be Heard” door Chloe Harrison

  • Located downtown at 518 Craft, 2nd and Broadway, across from Monument Square

Chloe Harrison is a local artist based in Troy, a graduate of Russell Sage College. His work consists of narrative illustration and structure. Her art explores communication, relationships, social anxiety and the endless questions about this existence.

All images courtesy of photographer Beth Mickalonis, Organ Colossal

‘Street Art Piano 4Mx Heart & Soul’ by ObaRoEne!

  • Located at Lots of Hope Park, 2nd and Jackson, South Troy

Oh! is a Nigerian American artist based in upstate New York. He creates sculptures and performance art props like hula hoops and puppets, which have been featured on national and international television programs, live entertainment venues, and streaming platforms.

All images courtesy of photographer Beth Mickalonis, Organ Colossal

Organ Colossal, the company behind Troy Street Pianos, said, “These pianos celebrate and spark spontaneous gatherings, musical creation and community.” They believe the arts belong to everyone and everyone should have access to spaces where music can perform.

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