This replica of the holster attached to the secret agent James Bond 007 is a reissue of the original toy


The pandemic was obviously the reason the premiere of “No Time to Die” was repeatedly postponed. Still, the hype surrounding the latest installment in the long-running British spy franchise has not abated. In fact, fans are once again increasing the demand for memorabilia. If you are also looking for an agent, how about the James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché case?

The official James Bond 007 store provides collectors with this fascinating and extremely limited item. The product page reveals that it is a reissue of the toy first released in 1965. According to the store, its release is intended to celebrate James Bond Day 2021 as well as the series’ upcoming 60th anniversary. beloved in 2022.

Those who have watched the films will recognize him as Bond’s briefcase in “From Russia with Love”. Plus, they actually use the same molds as the original race. With the James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case, you not only get stylish carry-on luggage, but also loads of cool spy gadgets.

Open the latches to see what “Q” has set up for your mission. Inside is a code book, coding device, international currency, business cards, passport, etc. James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché Case allows you to write secret messages with the invisible ink of the special pen.

A built-in UV light on the writing instrument lets others see what you have written. Interestingly, there have been some changes to the content of the James Bond 007 Secret Agent Attaché case. The 2021 version drops the gun and bullets. Instead, it now comes with a camera and gold coins.

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Images courtesy of James Bond Store 007

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