This Chrome extension plays music from the Wii Shop on shopping sites

It’s unlikely that many of you reading this have an original Nintendo Wii, but in case you do, the store on these devices and on the Nintendo DSi has been mysteriously down for days, already leaving gamers wondering if they shut down because it’s Nintendo’s new favorite way of keeping game history lately (insert sarcasm). With that in mind, I thought today gives me the perfect excuse to talk about a cool Chrome extension I’ve had my eye on lately.

I’m always looking for cool extensions to change my browsing experience, and Wii Shop Channel Music by Corbin Davenporta Android Police Alumni fits this description perfectly. Corbin has created an extension that detects when you’re shopping or browsing merchant websites, and when you are, it automatically plays one of ten Nintendo sounds, mostly from the various eShops of each generation like the Wii , Wii U, 3DS and Nintendo. DS.

There’s a volume slider that lets you turn the nostalgia down a bit if it’s too distracting, but honestly the following songs, including one from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Shop are so replayable I don’t mind having them on loop while I’m working.

  • Wii Shop Channel
  • Wii Shop Channel (Menu)
  • Mii Channel (Wii)
  • Mii Maker (3DS)
  • Wii U Online Store
  • 3DS Online Store
  • DSi Store
  • Wednesday Wii Shop
  • Ocarina of Time Shop
  • The Sims Purchase Mode

Since the extension asks for permission to check when a tab is active, you’ll notice that the music stops if you leave that tab to browse something else, but immediately restarts when you return. However, minimizing your Amazon or Google Play Store page allows music to continue playing.

When searching and installing Wii Shop Music Extension for Chromeyou’re gonna want to make sure you snatch Corbin’s instead of the one offered by Nioxed (I repeat, don’t install this one!) since the former has Google’s extension seal of approval showing that it respects your privacy, while the latter has not provided Google with any d information on how it will collect or use your data – ouch!

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