The Quietus | News | Anna Von Hausswolff unveils new live album

Anna von Hausswolff has a live album on the way.

Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival was captured during the Swedish artist’s 2018 appearance at the Swiss festival. It includes live performances of six tracks from von Hausswolff’s albums the miraculous and Dead magic, with full band support and additional voices from her sister, Maria von Hausswolff. You can watch a video of the live version of “The Truth, The Glow, The Fall” from the album above.

In a statement about his appearance at the Montreux Jazz Festival, von Hausswolff said: “In early 2013, I was texting with my friend Albin Oskarsson. He wanted me to come and play at a jazz festival he lived nearby. , it was the Montreux Jazz Festival. At that point, I was still fairly unknown outside of Sweden and despite my friend’s many attempts to contact the festival, they never came back to him with an offer. I gave up on the idea, he didn’t. Later the same year he passed away suddenly and a few years later in 2017 an email popped up in my inbox that was a request to open for Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at the Montreux Jazz Festival. The tragedy that Albin was still not there to share the excitement with me made me sad.

“But, through the magic of the music, comfort came. The show was an emotional upset of ecstasy and heartbreak, shared with an incredible audience and atmosphere. And, finally, I was able to see her face in the venue, floating above everyone else, smiling and I’m so glad I had this moment, and I’m more than grateful to the Montreux Jazz Festival, John Harris and Mathieu Jaton who recorded this special concert so beautifully that I will keep in my heart forever. “

The liberation of Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival follows on from von Hausswolff’s solo pipe organ album in 2020 All thoughts fly away, as well as his contributions to Sunn O’s recent live album)))), Metta, Benevolence – BBC 6Music: Live On Invitation From Mary Anne Hobbs.

The Lord of the South will free Live at the Montreux Jazz Festival January 14, 2022.

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