The Offspring blows up the roof in triumphant return for live music


The offspring in Birmingham

Thousands of music fans have braved the cold to see punk rock legends The Offspring on their latest headlining tour at Resorts World Arena in Birmingham.

Queues of enthusiastic fans meandered around the site of the National Exhibition Center – concerts are back after the lockdown, and the expectation of an evening of live music was palpable despite the gloomy weather. After a rousing set from London duo Bob Vylan who appropriately warmed up the hesitant crowd by testing their dance shoes, Swedish rockers The Hives took to the stage for a roaring set like no other. Although they entered the room in assorted monochrome ensembles, The Hives was nothing black and white as they delivered a technicolor storm of gruff vocals, melting guitar riffs, full basslines. boom and wild drum sections through hit tracks Walk Idiot Walk, Main Offender, Go For It and more.

“After the pandemic, punk rock shows are back,” yelled singer Per ‘Pelle’ Almqvist.

“Take a second to pinch your arm, it’s really happening. The Swedish quintet wrapped the audience around their fingers with their effortless charisma and electric stage presence that transformed the hall from a group of constant nods into a mob of chanting, dancing and throwing. pints. Ending on the hit hits Hate To Say I Told You So and Tick Tick Boom, The Hives delivered an outstanding live performance that has managed to clean up the cobwebs in a room of music fans hungry for live music since 2020. .

Since their formation in 1984, California punks The Offspring have continuously brought alternative music to the mainstream with an impressive catalog of hit singles, multi-platinum albums, soundtracks for television and video games, and much more. which cemented their legendary status.

And they left no doubt in anyone’s mind that this reputation is well deserved after an explosive spectacle that blew up the roof of the Resorts World Arena.

Kicking off their set with renditions of Staring at The Sun, Come Out and Play and the single Want You Bad, The Offspring set the room on fire from the get-go as the crowd transformed into a wave of bouncing bodies. “We always have a good time in Birmingham, actually all over the Midlands,” guitarist Kevin ‘Noodles’ Wasserman told the venue with cries of adoration, before plunging into a solo guitar frenzy with good riffs. known to GBH, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.

Singer Bryan ‘Dexter’ Holland showcased his instantly recognizable and powerful vocal style through flawless performances of Let the Bad Times Roll, Hit That, Why Don’t You Get A Job ?, Pretty Fly For A White Guy and a tingling piano. interpretation of fan favorite Gone Away.

The Offspring is a band that is clearly more at ease on stage. Their instant comfort with a crowd and their ability to control the reactions of a venue of thousands through the simplest of stage choices is a true testament to their heritage. Ending the night with incredibly loud performances from The Kids Aren’t Alright, You’re Gonna Go Far Kid and Self Esteem, The Offspring showed that their best years of performance were far from behind them. Live music is back, and if this show is anything to go by, it’s bigger and better than ever.


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