SYNTH GEMS 1: A coffee table book that showcases vintage synthesizers


By Sam McNiece

From the Minimoog to the Oberheim Matrix-12.

Bjooks, publisher of titles for musical instrument books including Push Turn Move, Patch & Tweak and Pedal Crush, is back with a new hardcover book exploring vintage synths in detail. Synth Gems 1 is a 320-page large book with color photographs and in-depth analysis of over 60 vintage synthesizers.

What would you like to know:

  • Bjooks released the 320-page hardcover book SYNTH GEMS 1.
  • The book examines vintage, weird and rare synths in detail with color photographs and a breakdown of historical context and sound design.
  • Over 60 synths are covered in the book with a preface by Vince Clark of renowned Depeche Mode and Erasure.

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Written by “Dr. Mike” Metlay, who spent over 23 years writing for US pro-audio mag RECORD alongside music engineering and production, this book puts synthesizers at the forefront, with beautiful photographs of Peter M. Mahr who had to go to various museums to find and photograph the synths in question.

“SYNTH GEMS is truly an ode to the synthesizer in all its forms,” says Kim Bjørn, CEO and Founder of Bjooks. “As you browse through the book, readers will discover popular favorites like the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, as well as rare instruments like the Lord Synthesisers Skywave. SYNTH GEMS is a must-have for any fan of electronic music, whether a longtime musician or a beginner.

Released at the same time as the SUPERBOOTH show taking place in Berlin, the book covers well-known synths from the Minimoog (see above) to wacky synths you’ve probably never heard of. The book begins with this synth in 1970, moving through time until reaching the year 2000, the last synth mentioned being the Alesis Andromeda.

“Over the past few years there has been a massive increase in interest in these beautiful vintage instruments,” says Bjørn. “As a result, we wanted the SYNTH GEMS series to provide beginners with a solid foundation and unique insight into the history of synthesizers. We hope that some of these pages may inspire creative musical journeys among our readers. “

Along with the impact synthesizers have had on today’s musical landscape, this book traces their influence and the inner workings of some game-changing beasts of electronic music.

Check out Bjooks for more information on this book.

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