Swedish rapper Einar shot dead at 19



Swedish rapper Einar was shot and killed in what is believed to be an attack linked to gang violence. He was 19 years old.

Real name Nils Gronberg, Einar was killed Thursday evening (October 21) outside an apartment building in the affluent suburb of Hammarby Sjostad in Stockholm. According to The Guardian, no arrests have been made at the time of writing, but police are said to be looking for two suspects.

Gronberg was the most featured Swedish artist on Spotify in 2019, had won several Swedish Grammi Awards and released three charts topping. Her second single “Katten i Trakten (The Cat in the Area)” reached No. 1 on the Swedish Singles Chart at the age of 16.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said: “A young life has died out and I understand that it meant a lot to many young people. It’s tragic. “

Last year, Gronberg was kidnapped which saw him kidnapped, beaten and blackmailed for SEK 3million (£ 250,000) by members of the Vårby gang. Swedish rappers and rivals Yasin and Haval Khalil were both sentenced to prison terms for their role in the kidnapping.

Addressing the issue of the rise of gang violence in Sweden, law and order spokesman for the main moderate opposition party, Johan Forssell, tweeted: “The limits of what can be accepted in a civilized country were passed a very long time ago… We need Action, No Words to turn the tide and put Sweden back in order.

Over the past two decades, Sweden has gone from one of the lowest gun crime rates in Europe to one of the highest, CNN reports.


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