Swedish House Mafia’s new album will consist of 45 songs



Swedish House Mafia’s new album will consist of 45 songs

Although almost 10 years have passed since their second album ‘Until now’, Swedish house mafia have confirmed that their next album “Heaven again” will be released in 2022.

In a fascinating interview with NME, the trio deepened their legacy, which fans can expect from the new album and the world tour they are set to embark on:

“It was important for us not to just visit the legacy. Of course, we’re going to play our old music because we still love it, but we wanted to challenge ourselves, challenge the fans, and challenge the sound. The reunion was never going to be just a tour because we were so excited to do something new.

The most exciting thing that fans catch is that the Swedes have made a huge 45 tracks together (equivalent to 4 music albums)! The Covid-19 pandemic allowed the group to spend quality time in the studio to compile their ‘first’ full album (Up to one and Until now are more mix compilations than uniquely original songs).

“[The album] is quite a job; they could become something else one day …[it’s] an invitation to our world ”, according to Steve angello.

Sebastian Ingrosso explains: “In the past, we would release single after single, and it was almost like we were chasing something. When Steve first said, “We have to do an album,” I wanted to jump out the window. Swedish House Mafia has never made an album before, and historically it takes us a long time to make a song. However, we are really happy with what has become of it – we can’t wait to give it to the world.

The album should feature their new singles It gets better, Lifetime with Ty Dolla $ ign and 070 Shake and Night butterfly in a flame with The weekend. However, it’s unclear exactly how many tracks will be included on Heaven again. Just maybe the A $ AP Rocky collaboration see the light of day?

You can read the entire interview here. What do you think? Be sure to let us know your thoughts!

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