Swedish EUROPE honored with a special monument in the group’s hometown: video, photos

The Swedish municipality of Upplands Väsby, where several members of EUROPE grew, unveiled a monument honoring the band earlier today (Saturday June 4) at Blå Parken (Blue Park). The five members of EUROPE attended the ceremony, which is part of Upplands Väsby’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

After the event, EUROPE released a statement saying: “We were so honored and humbled today when our hometown Upplands Väsby unveiled a monument in our honor as part of its 70th anniversary. We are incredibly lucky to be recognized in this way. THANK YOU VÄSBY!”

Almost four years ago, Upplands Väsby honored the members of EUROPE for their efforts to publicize Väsby through national and international media during their four-decade career. A work of art designed by Concrete Art was introduced to the band ahead of their gig at Gröna Lund in Stockholm in August 2018. At the time, Maria RostbergMinister of Culture and Leisure, said in a press release: “Väsby is proud of the rock culture that EUROPE and other artists in the city contributed to it.”

Two years ago, EUROPE singer Joey Storm said a documentary about the group could be on the horizon. He talked about EUROPEthe tentative plan to make a movie during an interview with Tom Cridland of The greatest music of all time.

“We get asked a lot of questions about a movie or a documentary,” he said. “So it’s a thing to do in the future. I mean, there’s the early years of Upplands Väsby and Stockholm and how hard rock really started happening in the world too. There’s so much to say there… [We still have the] original members. We’ve made six new albums now. We made five in the first half. We won a grammys [Grammis award] in Sweden the other year; we have never won anything like this. It’s incredible.”

EUROPE has released six albums since reuniting 19 years ago — “Begin With Darkness” (2004), “Secret Society” (2006), “Last Look at Eden” (2009), “Bag of bones” (2012), “War of Kings” (2015) and “Walking the Earth” (2017) — and, according to Joeythe group is not expected to slow down.

“The last two or three albums felt really, really good,” he said. “And we’re in a good place, so we’re going to keep going, touring. We’re working pretty hard. “Walking the Earth” feels like you want to walk the earth; you feel like you want to go to all the places. What we have left is South America; we are left with America. We just arrived from Japan. We’ve done Australia, UK, Europe, Scandinavia. So we are working on walking the earth right now. And record tracking [album]I hope with [producer] David [Cobb] Again. And learn more about music and move on.”

“Walking the Earth” was released in October 2017 via Hell & Back Recordings (Silver Lining Music). It was recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London with the aforesaid Grammy Award– winning producer David Cobb (RIVAL SON, The Jennings Shooter, Jason Isbel, Chris Stapleton).

We were so honored and touched today that our home town of Upplands-Väsby unveiled a monument in our honor as part of its 70…

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The final countdown… oh så stod de där för att ta emot Väsbybornas kärlek: Europe!
Runt 7000 hade samlats i Blå parken för att se det internationalella hårdrocksbandet som började sin karriär i Väsby. 🎸🤘🥁🎹
Och många minnen blev det… Läs artikel i nästa nr av Mitt i Upplands Väsby 🙋‍♀️

🎥 In lätt starstruck journalist (ber om ursäkt för kvaliteten)

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Europe was in Upplands Väsby earlier today to witness the unveiling of the monument in their honor located in the Blue Park.

Lots of memories shared by the guys on stage!

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Nu firar Upplands Väsby 70-årsjubileum och samtidigt avtäcka ett minnesmärke för Europé som också medverkar Väsbys firande

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