Spotlight on Buford City School Students: Hannah Jung


Our student of the week is Hannah Jung. Hannah is an eighth grader at Buford Middle School and an integral part of the BMS Band of Wolves. Joining the Buford City Schools family midway through her fifth year, Hannah used her musical skills to get started and become a major contributor to the group’s program from grade six onwards. Last year, Hannah received the great honor of being selected for the Georgia All State Band on flute, a remarkable achievement for a seventh grader.

“Hannah is one of the best female flute players in Gwinnett County and the sixth in the state,” said Kathy Mason, Hannah’s harmony teacher at BMS. “On top of that, she volunteers at school every day helping sixth grade newbies in my Flex class.”

At only 13 years old, Hannah honestly comes from her musical prowess; each member of his family plays a musical instrument. Her father, James, also plays the flute, guitar, piano and sings, and her mother, Esther, the piano. Her brothers, Daniel, 9, who attends Buford Senior Academy and John, 5, who attends Buford Elementary, both play the cello. Hannah’s 11-year-old sister, Elizabeth, is in sixth grade at Buford Middle and plays oboe and violin. do it.

A student on the Honor Roll, Hannah briefly played soccer and remains in good physical shape, and she is already on track to represent Buford’s AAA Excellence brand as a fine arts star at BMS, where she is a member. jazz, symphonic and concert groups. . Outside of school, Hannah studies privately with Dr Katherine Emeneth.

“Hannah is an inspiration to the students around her,” Ms. Mason said. “She is one of the most gifted musical students I have ever taught. Even in the seventh year, she possessed a maturity beyond her age. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to teach him.

“The group has been the most influential for me,” Hannah said. “The band was the reason I started playing the flute. This decision changed my life.

Hannah hopes to one day enter Juilliard and wants our community to remember a hardworking student who helps others achieve their goals.

Here’s what Hannah’s teachers have to say about her:

“Hannah is a very responsible student who shows a lot of initiative! She is very conscientious – she always does her job and does her best in her assignments. She is a good friend and she takes care of those who need help. She volunteered to help the grade 6 group knowing that she might have work to complete outside of school. She is an excellent, well-rounded student and a great person!

– Allison Webster, BMS science teacher

“Hannah is a dedicated and enthusiastic musician. She loves to play the flute and I am always impressed with her preparation for classes and her accelerated progress as a musician. Hannah has it all: intelligence, talent and a caring personality! I can’t wait to see how she makes a positive impact on the world.

– Dr. Katherine Emeneth, private flute teacher

“I love this child! She does whatever is asked of her. She comes to class with a good attitude. She maintains a high standard in all her academic work.

– Glenda Cable, BMS linguistic arts teacher

“Hannah is a model student. She is always conscientious in completing her work, she is kind to other students and always respectful to her teachers.

– Beth Browning, BMS Social Studies Professor

The spotlight on the City of Buford School Students of the Week is made possible by the generosity of the City of Buford.

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