Spotify finally adds COVID-19 labels on music streaming app after Joe Rogan issue

Spotify is finally adding its COVID-19 labels to the music streaming platform for content that addresses multiple disputes or issues regarding the virus, mainly if it borders on expert advice. The labels arrive months later than the previous issue when Joe Rogan and Neil Young initially became central figures, with the streaming platform caught in the middle.

Spotify adds COVID-19 labels and warnings in app

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This photo taken in Toulouse, southwestern France, on January 31, 2022 shows a smartphone displaying the Joe Rogan podcast and a screen displaying the Spotify logo. – Caught in a maelstrom of misinformation, Spotify announces it will guide listeners to Covid-19 podcasts to established facts about the pandemic. It comes after artists took down their songs in protest at Spotify’s platform given to podcaster Joe Rogan, accused of spreading harmful myths about the pandemic.

Spotify has added something new to its platform, and it’s an unexpected move by the company despite a previous promise to improve its misinformation services. the COVID-19 Labels for podcasts and other platform content will now receive a banner or alert that what people are accessing is content related to the global pandemic.

The company has faced many disputes and grievances from the public and health experts over this issue with “The Joe Rogan Experience”, a famous podcast in the app. Doctors and other experts have gone so far as to publish a open letter to spotify (via The Rolling Stones) to settle this issue against the streaming giant.

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Spotify’s Joe Rogan and Neil Young

In early 2022, Joe Rogan and Neil Young issues hit online platforms, calling out the podcast content creator for his influence on the streaming platform. Several musicians have pulled out of Spotify to show their disdain for the company’s actions regarding the issue, including allowing Joe Rogan to continue his streams.

Spotify Podcasts

Spotify’s podcasts feature a variety of audience offerings among the many discussions of life, lifestyle, entertainment, facts, research, academics, and even deconstructing misinformation in mainstream media. One of the company’s upcoming podcasts is of Meghan Markle and her experiences living as a foreigner included in the royal family.

Podcast businesses are also available on the platform, which the company has acquired in recent months, including with Chartable and Podsights joining the Swedish company. The acquisition will help bring new content to Spotify and improve its podcast productions with many people offering to share their thoughts on the various topics available.

One of the company’s most controversial podcast content is Joe Rogan’s “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which several music creators have called spreading misinformation on the platform. Since then, Spotify has had its eyes on what actions it would take in the following moments, including when it called out the circulation of false information.

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