Sonnet & Jubël highlight K-Pop collaborations extending to new genres and territories


While Jubel topped the charts in their native Sweden and across Europe, the dance-pop duo spread even further by enlisting one of Korea’s most promising singers Sonnet in a truly global collaboration. The transformation of their new single “Dumb” into an Anglo-Korean duo is just the latest example of how the world of K-pop is making important crossovers beyond the traditional world of mainstream pop.

From the first listen, the single “Dumb” seemed poised for a revolutionary success similar to that of Jubël’s first hit “Dancing in the Moonlight” which featured the Swedish singer-songwriter NEIMY to a club trance tune. pop well-being. By collaborating again with a singer for this new version of “Dumb”, this time with Sonnet, the singer-songwriter who first rose to prominence in her country for being the youngest winner of the Korea voice—The duo deliver something all the more engaging and accessible to listeners who can appreciate both the male and female vocal tone and the lyrical perspective. Sonnet’s light vibrato fits perfectly into the summer production of “Dumb” while contrasting nicely with the raucous performance of singer Sebastian Atas.

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While K-pop has led South Korea to become one of the largest music industries in the world (currently sixth behind the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, according to the latest world music report of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), the international expansion of the scene can not only be counted among the best mainstream pop groups, but also the continuation of the greater efforts of music, Korean singers and creatives getting noticed around the world. Bringing in a musically cohesive project like “Dumb” with Jubel and Sonnet can specifically help listeners in the dance, electronics, and club worlds get even more accustomed to hearing songs in Korean and English. which means that it is not necessarily necessary to take the bulk of the world. pop stars collaborate to deliver effective and meaningful collaborations. Rather, Jubel and Sonnet’s “Dumb” has the potential to take the two artists beyond their fan base, broaden their reach, but also create a greater impact on what international collaborations look like in the world. music industry today.

Go further with “Dumb” with a solo version of Sonnet as good ass joint interviews with the two artists show that this collaboration is not just a hacked lead, but a lead with time and effort invested on both sides. Although there is a lot of talk about a global music industry these days, Sonnet and Jubël are making sure that their respective stages and countries develop in a healthy way.

Watch the duet version of “Dumb” with Jubël and Sonnet below and look for the

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