Snoh Aalegra puts on a spellbinding show at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles – Billboard

Fresh off of two dates in San Francisco (June 1 & 2), Snoh ​​Aalegra took his “Ugh, These Temporary Highs” tour to Los Angeles on Saturday night (June 4). And a fan’s hand-drawn sign sums it all up: “Love U Snoh” with an added heart for emphasis.

From the moment Aalegra took the stage until she left 70 minutes later, cheers, screams, screams (“That’s Snoh-ing!”; “She’s bad—! “) and dances followed one another in the crowded room. And in between, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has given back everything she’s been given. No costume changes, no background singers, no dancers. Just Aalegra supported by a tight group.



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Dressed in a sparkly bra top and matching thigh-length shorts accented by a white vinyl cropped jacket and matching curve-defining leggings – with her hair pulled back into a waist-length ponytail – Aalegra wasted no time in delivering what has become his signature music to rock and feel. She started the procedure with an energizing version of “Situationship”, a single from her second set of 2019 Ugh, those feelings again. Seamless transitions to other tracked songs, such as “In Your Eyes” from the latest album Temporary highs in the purple sky (which earned a Grammy nod for Best R&B Album of 2022) and hit single “Whoa,” which had audiences in dance mode.

The power behind her smoky, vulnerable yet hopeful voice and insightful lyrics were on full display during her searing performance of “Lost You” (“I Won’t Hold the Past Against You”), which was also nominated for the 2022 Grammy Awards. for Best R&B Performance. Other crowd hits picked from the aforementioned albums include “We Don’t Have to Talk About It,” “Dying 4 Your Love,” and “Love Like That” (which led to a reflective riff on Bobby’s classic Caldwell “What You Won’t Do for Love”), as well as two tracks recorded with Tyler, the creator: “Neon Peach” and “In the Moment”.

Mainly focusing on the music, Aalegra periodically thanked the audience for “sharing your energy with me”. She also showed off her cheeky and contemplative sides. Introducing “Nothing to Me,” she told the audience, “I want to dedicate this next song to a few people. No, not you. You don’t want this one dedicated to you…it’s all the f —ers of the world. Are you with me?” Laying the groundwork for the song “Violet Skies,” the now Los Angeles resident referenced her Swedish upbringing and noted, “I encourage anyone with a dream or a vision to go for this s—. Here’s a letter to my younger self.

It wasn’t until Aalegra returned to the vocals of “We want Snoh” that she was joined by other singers. A 10-member choir of women and men dressed in black accompanied her on a rousing encore of two songs: “Find Someone Like You” and “I Want You Around”.

Aalegra’s opener on Saturday night featured fellow ARTium Recordings bandmates Ogi and Fana Hues. Dion “No ID” Wilson, Teyana Taylor, Vince Staples, Kevin Durant of the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and actor/comedian Craig Robinson were spotted backstage ahead of the Aalegra show.

Aalegra wraps up her “Ugh, These Temporary Highs” tour on Sunday June 5 with a second show at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles. The Live Nation-produced release premiered March 21 in Detroit and toured markets including Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

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