Scottish Beatles fan about to open dream record store amazed when George Harrison appears in wife’s apple core

A BEATLES fan about to open the first record store of his dreams has received an unexpected endorsement from one of his heroes – after George Harrison appears in his wife’s apple heart.

Mark Thorne, 42, owes his obsession with music to his lifelong love for the Beatles. So he was surprised when his wife Lottie bit into her midday snack – and spotted something that looked like the late lead guitarist staring at her.


Mark owes his love of music to the BeatlesCredit: Alan Simpson
The late guitarist appeared in Lottie's apple core


The late guitarist appeared in Lottie’s apple coreCredit: Alan Simpson
george harrison


george harrison

Mark, who is preparing to open Thorne Records at Bruntsfield in Edinburgh this month, told her to stop eating immediately.

He now hopes that this remarkable discovery bodes well for his company, which will of course store the Fab Four.

He said: “Lottie just said ‘the heart of my apple looks exactly like George Harrison’. I just said ‘stop eating the apple’. I looked over and said “oh my God, it’s George”.

Dad-of-two Mark has revealed he became obsessed with The Beatles as a teenager. When he and Lottie, 41, got married, the couple sent out wedding invitations in the form of 7-inch singles based on Harrison’s My Sweet Lord record – complete with his signature green apple motif.

“I’ve worked in record stores all my life, but I’ve always dreamed of opening my own – and I hope that bodes well.”

Their eldest daughter Marnie’s middle name is McCartney. And Mark even has a tattoo on his bum of the name Lottie, in the Beatles font.

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The Beatles, of course, formed their own multimedia conglomerate, Apple Corps, in 1968. And in January 1969, the band performed their famous concert from the roof of Apple Corps headquarters on London’s Savile Row.

Thorne Records will specialize in vinyl from the 50s to the present, including the Fab Four.

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Mark, from Stirling, said: “The Beatles are the reason I work in music retail. I was 14 when I borrowed the Beatles’ Red and Blue albums from my local library and became obsessed with them.

“It was my platform in music and a year later I was working in a record store. Without the Beatles I wouldn’t open Thorne Records. So I couldn’t wait to see the face of George Harrison – and in an apple too, his favorite fruit.

“I can’t wait to open the doors of Thorne Records. People’s response has emboldened me and made me feel very confident that everything will be fine. Maybe George Harrison is also a good sign.

The late guitarist appeared in his wife Lottie's an apple core


The late guitarist appeared in his wife Lottie’s an apple coreCredit: Alan Simpson
Mark is preparing to open Thorne Records at Bruntsfield in Edinburgh this month


Mark is preparing to open Thorne Records at Bruntsfield in Edinburgh this monthCredit: Alan Simpson

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