School of Rock’s Unique Music Education Brand Comes to Grand Rapids



GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan – In just a few months there will be a new option not only for learning a new musical instrument, but also for learning how to rock.

The Rock Grand Rapids School is scheduled to open near Breton Village, on the southeast side of Grand Rapids, in late December.

Gwen Bultema and her husband decided to turn to the School of Rock franchise network earlier this year. It has been quite a process to get to where they are now, but there is already the shape of a huge guitar taking shape outside their building.

“It’s not a musical venue, but we kind of wanted to give that impression to the students,” Bultema said on Friday.

“We wanted to be able to sort of create not only a music education program, but also a place where people can relax and feel at home. “

The installation does not see much like your typical music store where lessons traditionally take place, and it works in a format meant to keep students excited about what they’re doing and engaged with the skills they’re learning together.

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“Our foundational course would be a one-on-one course with an instructor, and then later in the week you would do a performance-based group course,” Bultema said.

“This is where you have someone on drums and bass and vocals, and you learn together and you sing songs. “

Eventually, student musical groups will even have the chance to perform in local concert halls in the region.

“We’re really looking forward to cultivating relationships with local venues and having our kids open for some of the groups coming to town,” Bultema said.

The program is aimed at children, adolescents and young adults, but all ages are welcome. School of Rock specializes in working with students of all skill levels.

Although they have already hired several key staff before the opening, they are still looking for around 10 to 15 additional employees. You can apply for a position HERE.

You can find out about all the programs they offer and request information for your future music student. HERE.

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