Saudi National Society for Human Rights elects new president

RIYADH: The Ministry of Culture is participating in a variety of cultural activities at the World Defense Show, held in Riyadh from March 6 to 9, to provide a Saudi cultural experience for visitors and participants of the global platform.

As part of the cooperation between the ministry and the General Authority for Military Industries, the diverse collection of cultural activities will include the “Year of Saudi Coffee 2022” initiative, with guests being received with a fine range of Saudi coffees, as well than an examination of how they are made, prepared and served according to Saudi traditions.

The ministry will also organize VIP tours of Masmak and Salwa palaces.

Elsewhere, the Fashion Authority has designed formal military-inspired attire to showcase the Saudi fashion industry and its historical military ties.

The ministry also presented in the exhibition halls a series of selected documentaries that chronicle the history, culture and heritage of the Kingdom.

Inspired by a library in Riyadh, the ministry prepared one for the World Defense Show, offering books in different languages ​​on the Kingdom’s history, in addition to displaying manuscripts related to the country’s history and culture. provided by the Ministry in coordination with the King Salman Center for Studies of the History of the Arabian Peninsula.

Audiences will enjoy a feast of traditional military music at the event, prepared specifically for this global gathering.

The ministry curated souvenirs for the show’s guests, including the book “Taif Mission”, which details – in Arabic and English – King Abdulaziz’s interest in building a Saudi army in Saudi hands, as well as his promotion of the first defense of the Kingdom. agency.

The book also includes a set of photographs that documents a US military mission that trained Saudi officers in Taif between 1943 and 1944 as part of the US-Saudi cooperation program to build the capacity of the Saudi military. The photos were taken by Alfred Brakin, who participated in the training mission.

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