Salina’s Best of the Best awards see support for local businesses

It seems that members of the Salina community love and support local businesses after several beat out national chains in this year’s Salina Best of the Best awards.

The operators of these local businesses, which range from pharmacies and steakhouses to shoe stores and hearing care professionals, have one thing in common: serving the community with quality local service.

Caring for people in their own community

The community’s choice for Best Pharmacy or Pharmacy went to B&K Prescription Shop, which General Manager Leroy Burks said shows how the company serves the community.

“For us, it’s about customer service and taking care of patients and people,” Burks said.

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He said what sets B&K apart from some national chains is that it can provide and focus its efforts on health care and not try to sell things like “greetings cards and gallons of milk”. .

“We can’t always compete with them on price because they buy such large amounts of inventory…but we make up for that in our service,” Burks said. “When you provide good service to these customers, they recognize you for it, which I think you see in Best of the Best.”

According to Alan Grigsby, hearing aid specialist at Hearing HealthCare of Salina, this same kind of service is one of the reasons the downtown Salina company has established itself as the best hearing aid center or audioprosthetists.

“We offer free service for life,” Grigsby said.

The store’s service extends to helping customers in areas they might not realize. Grigsby thinks his partner Brian Green is an “electronics wizard” and can help out by working around a cellphone, which is very important for those who use hearing aids.

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Finally, something that Grigsby says is one of the reasons the community chose Hearing HealthCare of Salina is the fact that the product it sells is part of an American company, Starkey Hearing Technologies.

“We’re the only American company (in the industry),” Grigsby said. “I think a lot of people appreciate that and that’s why they choose us.”

Other local wins include Tucson’s Steakhouse Saloon, Innovative Flooring and Brown’s Shoe Fit, all of which won awards from national chains.

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