Rush’s Alex Lifeson Reveals Weird Pre-Show Jams With Primus

Rush and Primus cemented friendships while touring together in 1992 that never let them down.

They bonded over a mutual appreciation of artistic approaches, and Rush’s Alex Lifeson says Primus also added an element of humor to the experience.

“We were doing a sound check at 4:30 p.m. and then Primus would set up and they would do their sound check,” he says. guitar world. “We would have dinner at 6 and then jam, usually in our dressing room or in a nice, resonant hallway.

“At one point the deal was that you had to go out and get an instrument that you couldn’t play,” Lifeson added. “I have an accordion and a flute. We all played those instruments that we didn’t know how to play. We actually recorded those jams. I don’t know what happened to those recordings, but we made them everywhere.

Primus guitarist Larry LaLonde, who bought a clarinet, said: “It was like someone asking, ‘What would it be like if someone just bought an accordion that day- the ?’ That’s the kind of music it was. He also recalled seeing Lifeson “use a tortilla as a pick once”, calling the experience “pretty sweet”.

For Primus frontman Les Claypool, “one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced was at one of those jams in a sports arena locker room and watching Neil [Peart] play the racks as his percussion instrument. It was amazing.”

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