Rod Stewart says faces gave some old songs a makeover as stars reunite



Fans of Wake up Faces, Rod has something to tell you.

It’s late September and the band is back with something cool.

Their songs will keep you entertained, even if they haven’t been used – old numbers that they once rejected because they weren’t enough.

Rocker Rod Stewart’s lyrics from his solo hit Maggie May may just be the perfect sale for a shock new album from the band that made him famous.

Almost 50 years after their last LP hit Ooh La La, Faces Rod heroes Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones come together to release a song collection containing tracks that failed in their prime – with a horny Rod me. saying, “F *** me, they’re good.

The trio met at Ronnie’s in London in July to flesh out a new batch of songs that will be a mix of old and new – and they are planning a tour in 2023.

Rod, 76, said: “I have to tell you that we have some really good songs. Woody went around and dug up a lot of things and some of them were like, “Wow, did we do that? It’s something we never managed to finish – and at the time we thought it wasn’t good enough.

Rod with Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones in the good old days



“We’re finishing a few songs and adding vocals and new lyrics. So it’s a cross between the old and the new.

Drummer Kenney, 73, admits that when they got back together at Ronnie’s this summer, it felt like the band had never been apart.

He said, “We go out a lot and we see each other a lot so we’re not like strangers. But when we all get together, it’s like nothing has ever changed. We always take each other’s p *** off. “

He insists that it is only the love of making music that is behind the reunion.

“It’s not about the money,” he says. “We got together to celebrate our 50th anniversary and now it’s our 53rd, which is why we are making this album.”

Rod Stewart in 1974


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Faces at the Tramp club in London on April 5, 1973


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The trio have already reunited for a handful of brief live appearances in recent years, but there hasn’t been a new Faces album since Ooh La La in 1973.

The group was formed in 1969 by members of Small Faces after singer / guitarist Steve Marriott left to form Humble Pie.

The other Small Faces – Ian McLagan (keyboards), Ronnie Lane (bass guitar) and Kenney – were later joined by Ronnie and Rod.

The band split in 1975 due to Rod’s success in soloing while guitarist Ronnie, 74, joined the Rolling Stones later that year, and drummer Kenney replaced the tragic Keith Moon in The Who. in 1979.

Ian went on to become a session musician and solo act, and bassist Ronnie recorded a 1977 Rough Mix collaborative album with Pete Townshend before he was sidelined by multiple sclerosis.

He died in 1997, and Ian was killed of a stroke in 2014. The following year, Rod, Ronnie and Kenney were back together on stage at Rod’s 70th birthday party and event. charitable.

Then last year, they did a catchy rendition of the 1971 Faces hit single, Stay With Me, to close the Brit Awards.

The classical lineup first came together at a Rod Stewart concert at Wembley Stadium in 1986.

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And a few small encounters followed until the surviving members, minus Rod, toured as Faces in 2010 with Simply Red’s Mick Hucknall on vocals and Sex Pistols’ Glen Matlock on bass.

Rod was supposed to track them down when The Faces was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2012, but had to step down due to illness and again Mick was brought in to take his place.

At the height of their fame, the band released four albums in all, the last, Ooh La La, topping the UK charts in 1973.

Their third album A Nod Is As Good As A Wink… To A Blind Horse in 1971 went gold in the US – bolstered in part by the success of Rod’s single that same year with Maggie May.

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In July, Ronnie told The Times, “Me, Rod and Kenney have recorded new music for Faces. “

And Kenney says a Faces UK and US tour is in the works – but they’ll have to wait until the Rolling Stones No Filter tour ends and Rod wraps up his tours in the fall and spring.

He said: “When this is all settled, we will get back together. It’s in the pipeline and we’ll have to do America.

When asked if the group would consider replicating ABBA’s latest announcement that they would shoot as digital avatars, he laughed and replied, “Only if we’re dead.”

But he added: “I’m happy with ABBA. I heard the new song and it’s cool.

They have more money than f ******* Volkswagen. But Rod jokingly dismissed the Swedish band’s new technological approach, adding, “We play real rock and roll.”

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