Remember when Eric Church bought $50,000 worth of guitars from a local North Carolina music store before a show?

The chef was doing his part to support small businesses during the holiday season last winter.

Eric Church and his Gather again arrived in Greensboro, North Carolina in December 2021, and while in his home country, Eric took the time to do some holiday shopping at a local music store.

According WFMY, Church purchased over $50,000 worth of guitars from the Greensboro Music Barn. Manager Shawn Roberts says he bought “a lot of guitars” and even bought new vintage six-strings while he was there.

The store also posted a photo of the chef on his shopping spree on its Facebook page.

It’s great to see artists supporting local music stores.

And you know, when Eric plays in his home country, he has to play “Carolina” – and he’s even been draped in the North Carolina flag.

Eric Church Releases Studio Video For ‘Lone Wolf,’ Cut From New Release & PE

The wait was finally over when Eric Church published & of his three-room apartment heart soul album a few weeks ago.

It’s the third and final chapter in what will likely go down as Chief’s most historic album to date, featuring a total of 24 songs, each written and recorded on the same day during a month-long retreat in the mountains of western North Carolina.

The & The album was not released to the fan club until the album was initially released and then recently made available to the public.

Speaking of &, there’s a song that really grabs your attention in my opinion, tugging at every heartstring you have…

And that’s “Lone Wolf.”

It’s a song about how Church has always been an outsider all his life, staying to himself and answering to no one but himself, until he found the love of his life.

The acoustic song captivates you from the start, but it’s Church’s voice in the chorus that brings the whole song together, when he sings:

“Now that lone wolf is done running on the moon
In the dark of the night this heart is screaming for you
Yeah, this lone wolf is no longer alone
‘Cause you weren’t afraid to reach out and save a lone wolf at your doorstep”

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