Reba McEntire Tells Hilarious Story About Buying Beano At The Grocery

Reba McEntire told a hilarious story about buying Beano at the grocery store in October 2021 on an episode of country radio show host Bobby Bones’ podcast, Bobbycast.

McEntire shared the story when Bones asked her if she could shop without being recognized.

“Have you ever been to a Starbucks and had a coffee?” Bones asked McEntire.

“Yeah,” McEntire replied, before adding that she also goes grocery shopping. McEntire went on to say that she likes to go grocery shopping on Wednesdays and Thursdays because that’s when staff restock the shelves.

“Do you feel like people are mostly just cool and will let you do your shopping?” Bones said.

“Yeah,” McEntire replied, leading into the hilarious story of when she bought Beano.

“I have to tell you a funny story that happened the other day,” McEntire continued. “I was checking out, and the grocery bag girl was sitting there and she was going through the whole thing and she was telling and commenting on everything I had bought and she was picking up a bottle of Beano. She said, ‘is this for you?’ I said, ‘yeah it is.’ She said, ‘well, does it work?’ And everyone in line, I looked at everyone and said, ‘It works,’ she said with a laugh, showing a thumbs up. “Great ad here, just throw it in the bag if you want,” she joked.

McEntire also revealed that people often don’t recognize her when she’s out in public until she speaks.

‘I’m going to stop and ask other people to shop,'[do] do you have any idea where so and so is? and they’ll say, ‘this is…are you Reba McEntire?’ she explained, adding that they’ll ask her if she’s really out shopping.

“Do you know where the baking soda is?” McEntire said, citing another example of his interactions with other grocery store customers. “And they’ll be like, ‘yeah, it’s right down that alley’ and ‘[I’ll say]Ok thank you.'”

In addition to her solo trips to the grocery store, McEntire is busy with her music career. McEntire has just announced that she will be boarding during a 17-date arena tour with support Terri Clark on October 13 in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The tickets for the Reba: Live Concert Tour goes on sale Friday (July 15).

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