Rapper Franklin Stone’s Latest Track “Rain” Is A Memoir Of His Financially Insufficient But Musically Rich Childhood



A new age rapper and hip hop artist, Peter franklin‘the song’Rain‘, reflects his expertise in music and his unfavorable childhood

If you are one of those rap enthusiasts, who spend a lot of time searching for rap songs all day long and end up getting nothing but disappointment, your problem is over. The future rapper and hip-hop artist, Peter franklin, released his latest track, ‘Rain‘which has the potential to attract people to its profession. The emerging rapper shows mastery of music and lyricism. His lyrics are personal and they flow like water blending appropriately into the depth of his music. The key characteristic that makes his song commendable is its maintenance of speed. Tempo or speed is something that can ruin or create a composition. The artist seems to have understood this very early in his career and mastered it.

Born and raised in a poor family in Maryland, USA, the artist truly had many difficult days in his life. Monetary insufficiency would never allow him to afford a musical instrument. But, it is his passion for music that poverty could never stop. He learned to play the saxophone and drums and cultivated his musical talent in church. Although he started recording a song from his school years, his first song was released while he was in college. His first release was the Swirl Pack, a two song single with 21 and Fruit of my Labor in 2019.

We all know that in 2021 the world was hit by the pandemic, due to which it had to increase its production house. Even, the pandemic could not stop his efforts for music. Delayed however, his songs were released in 2021. Peter franklin breathed life into each of his songs. His recent tracks include “Lenses”, “Transition”, “To be Frank” and “Rain‘. Listen to his brand new tracks on Spotify and Youtube.

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