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Sayre, Pa. – When asked why police stopped a vehicle in Sayre, a passenger simply replied, “probably because of what happened at Wal-Mart,” according to an affidavit.

What “happened” at Wal-Mart was described in the affidavit filed by the Athens Township police after an investigation took place. Speaking with theft prevention officers, it was discovered Ashely Danielle Cyphers, 37, of Dushore, allegedly attempted to leave the store with a cart full of unpaid items.

Officer Hunter Condusta said Cyphers attempted to bypass all outlets and leave with a cart full of items. When totaled, Wal-Mart officials said the merchandise was valued at $ 1,642.48.

Cyphers reportedly refused to accompany the officers when they were approached to the cart. According to the report, Cyphers left the store on foot and then got into a vehicle. She was then stopped during a traffic stop in the same vehicle.

Wal-Mart Theft Prevention issued a written statement to police that alleged Cyphers had once been in the store with a cart full of items. Agents said Cyphers became “scared” and abandoned the cart inside the store in the previous incident.

Cyphers pleaded guilty to a third degree misdemeanor charge of writing bad checks in 2020. She was also charged with receiving stolen property and possession of a criminal instrument in 2019. These charges were dropped for the tribunal.

In the most recent incident, Cyphers was charged with third degree retail theft and receiving first degree stolen goods.

According to a file, Cyphers posted a monetary bond of $ 10,000 through a serf on October 17. Cyphers is scheduled to appear before Judge Larry Hurley next week for a preliminary hearing in Bradford County.

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