Prepare cash for the picnic!

May not save on long weekends. After this welcoming month, we also have a long weekend at the beginning of June.

The number of days off from work encourages not only to enter – we most often choose after Poland, but also to spend more money – May is also a month of communion and family celebrations. Well – where to get it all from? And most importantly: won’t access to our money be limited due to so many days off?

Where is the quickest to borrow money?


A quick loan

We know – if someone has savings, they can only worry about weather forecasts, which are not encouraging. The saved cash can be used, even for a trip to warm countries. However, those who lack free resources are not left alone. Loans are for people and it is worth using them – of course – with your head. A quick loan has several basic advantages:

  • Nobody will ask for what purpose we need funds – so we can go abroad in debt and do a small renovation or buy a used car.
  • We will receive money by transfer to the account within a few minutes after receiving a positive decision. Even by sending an application for the “last minute” we still have a good chance of a loan on the same day.
  • We don’t have to worry about repayment in a month – modern loans are repaid in convenient installments or in one, but after a few months. Check in the ranking which is the cheapest and fill out the online application – you will have time to do it.

Credit on account


A quick loan, although easily available, can be more expensive than a credit limit or an overdraft that we use on a daily basis. This “loan on account” may be the cheapest solution for us. We can apply for additional funds on the account online – by logging into our bank’s online banking. We can also contact our bank and ask for an individual calculation.

The whole procedure will not take long – our bank knows us like no one else – and it will not require certification, because the history of our account certifies the amount of income and benefits received. Such overdraft is not free, but you may find that commissions and additional fees associated with an overdraft facility will be lower than with a loan company.

Don’t count on a transfer over the long weekend!


The long May weekend is a break from work not only for companies or shops, but also for banks. What does it mean? Well, that traditional transfers ordered on the last day of April can be booked on our account on the second of May, but they don’t have to. If the bank treats a day between May 1 and May 3 as Saturday (as it happened in previous years), the funds will not be credited to our accounts until the end of the first week of May.

The same applies to the feast of Corpus Christi, which falls on Thursday, makes the bank’s working week last only 4 days. To make sure that access to funds is not limited, let’s check our bank’s messages on its website. This is important information even for those who repay loans – the bank would charge penalty interest for non-repayment. It is worth taking care of our interests before May and its long weekends come. If you are going on a trip on these days, it is best to prepare your cash well in advance so that you do not find yourself left without funds during your trip.