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Steubenville Police

Gassed: A motorist told police he ran out of gas and his truck stalled on Friday. He said he lost steering and brakes, so the vehicle ripped through grass in Cleveland and Hollywood before hitting a fire hydrant and coming to rest against a metal pole.

Ongoing issues: A resident of Lovers Lane told police she was having a family barbecue on Thursday when her neighbor came out yelling at her family and said the next day her children were playing outside with neighborhood children when the same neighbor came out. “yell at her and her children.” She said that when her fiancé came out and told her to call the police, the neighbor told her, “You don’t have to go that far” and went back inside.

Risky business: A vehicle was parked partially on the sidewalk with the driver’s side door open and the engine running in the 600 block of Wilkins on Saturday. Police said the driver was slumped over the armrest. After removing the keys from the ignition, they said they tried several times to wake her before she finally opened her eyes, and when she did, officers alleged her pupils were spotted and her eyes glassy, ​​and that she was slow to answer questions, if she answered at all. She told them she had taken two Tylenol PM before driving and was driving home to her mother.

Wrong place, wrong time: An intoxicated man allegedly urinated inside a store on Mall Drive and then lay down outside the store on Saturday.

Code issue: A notice of violation was sent to the occupant of an apartment at 1648 Ridge Avenue on Friday after beer cans and trash were found thrown over a fence on the right-of-way city. Officers informed the occupant of the top floor apartment that the materials needed to be removed.

Found: Two men returned a wallet they found on Virginia Avenue on Friday.

Slashed: A Broadway Boulevard resident found two flat tires on her vehicle on Friday. Police say at least one of them was slashed. The owner said she didn’t know who was responsible.

Reserved: Curtis P. Arnold, 37, 107 Wilmar Ave., Follansbee, possession of an addiction device and possession of drug paraphernalia, Friday. Arnold was also cited for driving under suspension and inability to control a motor vehicle. Arnold was cited following a single-vehicle crash at the intersection of South Fourth and South Sixth streets, police said.

Issue: Callers reported a group of miners between the 600 block of Oakmont and Lawson Avenues throwing rocks at vehicles and homes on Saturday. The police could not locate the youths.

Booked: Stacie L. Schaffer, 50, 901 Route 18, Burgettstown, Pa. Petty Flight, Saturday. Walmart employees claimed Schaffer put items in his cart without paying for them, police said. When asked what happened, police said Schaffer told them it was “a stupid mistake” and that “technically, she hadn’t stolen anything.” Police say eight toys worth $107 were involved.

Accused: James Patrick Snyder, 36, 808 Trenton St., Toronto, possession of drugs and possession of addiction instruments. Snyder allegedly had in his possession 8.22 grams of a white crystalline substance that tested positive for methamphetamine when he was stopped during a traffic stop, police said. He was also cited for driving under suspension and expired/illegal license plates.

City: Michael Bednar, 30, 352 Wilma Avenue; Steubenville, OVI and lack of control. Bednar told police he was turning left onto Adams from Fourth Street when he hit a parked car.

Booked: Thomas E. Gallo, 26, Bethel Park, Pa., arrest warrant, Saturday; Jay R. Blair, 59, no fixed address, public intoxication, Saturday; April M. Stanley, 47, no fixed address, probation violation, Saturday; Reserved: Jason L. Jones, 37 Arlington Avenue, Steubenville, warrant for petty theft, Friday; Melissa R. Huntington, 39, 707 Market St., Apt. 605 Steubenville, warrant for petty theft, Saturday.

Quoted: Heaven Fanning, 31, 507 Heathermoore Drive, Weriton, expired plates and driving under suspension; Joseph Swartz, 37, 1303 Oak Grove Ave., Steubenville, driving under suspension; Ray O. Wells, ageless, 7388 State Route 43, Bergholz, brake light violation.

Jefferson County Sheriff

Lights out: A woman who left her car radio playing while she, her daughter and granddaughter decorated a family member’s grave in Smithfield Cemetery told deputies they were stranded when the vehicle did not didn’t start on Friday. The deputies gave him a jump to start the vehicle.

Ripped off: A man from Martins Ferry told deputies that someone cut the catalytic converter from an abandoned vehicle he had parked on land he owned in Yorkville on Friday. A Yorkville man reported that a catalytic converter was stolen from a 1989 Ford Ranger truck he parked on the same property on Friday.

Stolen: A Bloomingdale’s woman reported a door being stolen on Friday. She said it was worth about $300.

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