PitchSlap is a tuning app that helps you tune your guitar

There are many capable tuning apps. Indeed, even Google has integrated one into its search engine. However, the new PitchSlap iOS app aims to give players more than just tuning, by incorporating a pitch tool and the ability to store and edit the settings of all your instruments.

The app’s most intriguing and unique feature is the ability to use it to analyze your guitar’s intonation. It does this by recording a sequence of you playing all the notes on the fretboard and creating a graphical representation of your instrument’s intonation.

It’s probably useful on its own, but PitchSlap promises to go further by allowing you to simulate the effect of adjustments on your intonation. As such, you should be able to experiment with different settings of your intonation and find the best compromise before you even start tweaking your current instrument.

The app also gives players a choice of three tuning styles – with Classic, Accurate, and Quick displays offering a variety of ways to interact with the tuning functionality, from a needle-style display to a ring tuner.

Finally, you can also use PitchSlap to manage a variety of tuning parameters, assigning them to storage slots for specific instruments, which you can name and edit.

The iOS app is currently in beta mode and is looking for testers through Apple’s TestFlight portal. It’s free forever for testers, so if you want to try it, head over to the official PitchSlap website.

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