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Former Side A singer/guitarist Pido returns to the music scene with his latest single, “Hilom.”

Released under the Glass Onion Entertainment label, the upbeat tune speaks of a positive approach to moving on despite heartbreaking grief.

For ‘Hilom’, Pido collaborated with frequent session bassist and good friend Bolichie Suzara.

“He had this story in mind, which inspired me to come up with the music, lyrics and arrangement. It was an empowering collaboration, and we hope it will appeal to millennial listeners with its angle.” hugot’,” he says.

“Hilom” was originally planned as an immediate sequel to “Invisible Cages”, released in May 2021.

“It took some time because we wanted to make a music video for it, but due to some limitations, we just decided to make a lyric video in time for the release,” he explains.

With most of the basic tracks recorded in his makeshift home studio, Pido developed his arranging skills by painstakingly laying most of the instrumental tracks and vocals, with a live bass track from Bolichie and the final mix. courtesy of Tat Suzara.

As always, Pido’s crystal clear vocals and effortless range shine once again against a harmonic backdrop that merges the pop/jazz, RnB and even blues sensibilities he has assimilated from his previous gigs.

Guitar fans will be pleasantly surprised by their guitar hero’s tasteful slide-tinged solo, which he admits is a first for him, in terms of recording.

“I was aiming for that Derek Trucks vibe, but of course what came out was my own personal style,” he confesses.

Any die-hard Pido fan will instantly recognize the telltale stylistic cues that have featured in most of his compositions, including “Misty Glass Window”, “Panaginip”, among others.

Defying typical musical stereotypes, Pido has enhanced his songwriting genius that never fails to give equal balance to his unique voice and guitar prowess.

With a versatile lineup that can nail the signature hoarse growl of Michael McDonald, the syrupy bittersweet timbre of David Pack and even the folksy ramblings of James Taylor, Pido continues to find its place in the country’s ever-changing musical maelstrom.

“It’s always about the song, and in the back of your mind you’re always thinking about longevity, something that’s not only hot right now, but will still sound fresh ten years from now,” he points out.

Speaking of longevity, Pido is still reeling from the resounding success of their Side A Redux reunion gigs – a clear testament to the timelessness, nostalgic appeal, and even renewed interest among their young fans.

“It’s funny how our fan base has doubled exponentially, since most of our new fans are actually children of our diehard fans,” he laughs.

“The good news is that we actually have another round of shows next September. Titled ‘Then and Now’, this one features our lot and the current lineup of the band, and we’ll start with two shows in Cebu, a at Ilocos Norte, and the very last show at the Newport Performing Arts Theater on September 24.”

With a plethora of up-and-coming songwriters on the local scene, Pido opens its doors wide to collaboration.

“I’m always up for reinvention,” admits Pido. “There’s so much to learn from the new breed of budding artists, and I can’t rest on my laurels forever. It’s part of my musical journey. That’s why I always keep my radar on full alert for creative collaboration opportunities. »

“Hilom” officially streams on Spotify, iTunes and 20 other digital platforms from August 12. (Contributed by Tinnie P. Esguerra)



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