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A NoHo Arts music review of Dylan Tauber’s “He Loves Carmen” album.

A NoHo Arts music review of Dylan Tauber’s “He Loves Carmen” album.

Dylan Tauber is a very prolific musician. I just reviewed his album “Sounds from Space 2”, which seems like just a few weeks ago, even though it was actually last year…and I loved it. This new album is a bit more romantic, as you can tell from the title, but it’s just as enigmatic and moving.

The idea that electronica can be soulful, human, or soulful may seem antithetical to some, but Dylan Tauber’s music is deeply organic. Every sound emitted comes from somewhere deep within his mind, creating waves of rhythm and delicate spiraling emotive soundscapes. It’s easy to get carried away by it, even while listening to what’s clearly being made. But isn’t everything we hear just our mind’s interpretation of what is real?

A NoHo Arts music review of the album

In this sense, each of us masters our own sound, our own unique version of the echoes of the world around us. So “He Loves Carmen” is simply Dylan Tauber’s reflection of his reinvented world. There is also a collaboration with a Ukrainian singer on the album, recorded since the beginning of the war, which of course adds even more to the meaningful and poetic themes of love and peace.

Electronic music is the music of my youth. 80s bands like Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, Thomas Dolby, Pet Shop Boys, OMD, Human League, all seem like the start of everything to me. Thus “He Loves Carmen” by Dylan Tauber, with its purely electronic sound, synthesized, altered and fabricated, is deeply touching and familiar. It’s warm and comforting in these uncertain times, infinitely and unapologetically human. I loved this album.


Musicians/Instruments: Dylan Tauber / keyboards

Producer(s): Dylan Tauber


Official: https://www.DylanTauber.com

SW Studios: https://SWStudios.net/music/HeLovesCarmen





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Youtube channel

Artist contact email: https://www.swstudios.net/contact.html

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