Next metal releases: 09/18/2022-09/24/2022

Here are the new (and recent) metal releases for the week of September 18, 2022 through September 24, 2022. Releases reflect proposed North American programming, if available. Expect to see most of these albums on shelves or in distribution on Fridays.

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New releases

The razorCycle of contempt | Relapse records | Speed/Thrash Metal | Canada (Guelph, Ontario)

The new Razor may have taken decades to manufacture, but it’s certainly worth the wait. The thrash legends often known as the “Canadian Slayer” are slaying again, and despite being old now and having been legends in the 80s, they don’t miss a beat when it comes to hard-hitting, punishing thrash and direct. You don’t want to sleep on this build if you’re an old school fan.

–Addison Herron-Wheeler

GaeraMirage | fog season | Black metal | Portugal (Oporto)

A little over a year ago I looked at Porto’s vibrant metal scene and the bands like Gaerea that keep that energy high. Proof of my point, the hooded black metal act is back with a new LP Miragea furious record that brings the same density of detail and angsty vocal performance as Limbo, this time with a layer of gloss and gold leaf. On songs like the title track, Gaerea keeps the beat high while threading catchy guitar melodies and maximalist rhythmic flourishes that reward repeat listens. Gaerea are not a black metal band inclined to stray too far into atmospheric textures. On the contrary, this gang of hooded characters go beyond black metal orthodoxy by saturating their work with explosive ideas and packaging it into crystal-clear production. That the vocal performance is so full of rage and powerful that it only adds to Mirageis the overall weight.

–Colin Williams

Frayleskin and grief | Aqualamb files | Atmospheric Doom + Post-Metal | United States (Cleveland, Ohio)

Frayle has variously described herself as “woman-fronted doom”, “witch-rock”, and “music for the night sky”. This should give you a good idea of ​​the mood of skin and grief. Although only the young band’s second album, it’s a confident and full-bodied collection, brimming with seductive grooves and haunting textures. The viscous riffs, ethereal vocals and crystalline production cast a heady spell and add up to a fresh and thrilling take on a subgenre whose every turn has become supremely familiar.

–Tom Morgan

Venom Inc.there is only black | Nuclear explosion | Heavy metal | UK

Now joined by a full-time drummer, former members of Venom Mantas and Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan continue their, heh, venomous completely diabolical and blackened heavy metal career.

–Ted Nubel

GutvoidDuration of horizons without light | blood harvest | Death Metal | Canada

If you were super cool in 2021, you might remember a four-way split by Rotted Life called 4 dimensions of auditory terror where bands love , Coagulate, Soul Devourand Gutvoid brought four stories of death-infused terror like a shivering old pulp magazine. At least that’s how I remember 2021.

Gutvoid is ready to take on the world for his debut Duration of horizons without light. Now with 52(!) full minutes and songs like “Wandering Dungeons” and “The One Who Dwells Beyond Time” this act is ready to play Dungeons and Dragons where all players are undead and the goal is to terrorize the living.

–Jonathan Carbone

OTUTorch | It’s time to kill records | Mud + Doom Metal | Italy

From the premiere of Ted Nubel’s full album:

An immense heaviness can be found at the center of the record, but Otus fuses that with exploratory textures that have more in common with progressive rock and ambient music than with sludge or post-metal. On Torch, this dreamy introspection is what gives the album its amazing depth.

BlodskamHail Eva | Suicide records | Black metal | Sweden

Swedish black metal full of vitriol, classic black metal aggressiveness and truly diabolical riffs.

–Ted Nubel

freedom falconTake all you can | music ripple | Stoner + Doom Metal | United States

Freedom Hawk built their rock-solid stoner assault on the bones of tour vans and lit it with empty beer tickets for kindling: although they’re one of those bands you should really try to see live, Take all you can pull together on the road to deliver mood-boosting riffs.

–Ted Nubel

Ash harvestPain and Pulse | Horror Pain Gore Death Productions | Doom Metal | United States (SLC, Utah)

Pain and Pulse, Harvest of Ash’s debut album, sits in the middle of two doom metal extremes. There are traditional influences in the riffs and drums, approaching the style’s incubation period, but at the other end of the spectrum are stretches of post-metal dynamics. As such, Harvest of Ash scratches a lot of the itch without picking the scabs.

–Colin Dempsey

Mo’ynoqA place for the ashes | Independent | Black metal | United States (Raleigh, North Carolina)

A place for the ashes floods the senses, pouring black metal into the ears with such aggression that it seems to take on physical form as well.

–Ted Nubel

KEN fashionBad | Artifact folders | Rock Noise | Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Excerpt from the interview with Tom Campagna:

KEN Mode has long been a powerful force in the noise rock scene. With recent albums like Success and Loved bringing more attention to the band, they were about to evolve naturally, but things stalled in 2020 like they did for most people, and they had to get creative. NULL is their latest creation, an album recorded in the isolation of the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic when the band was separated by the constraints of inter-provincial travel.

soniaArriving loud | Cruz del Sur Music | Heavy Metal + Gothic Rock | United States (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

I’ll admit I’m wary of anything billed as heavy metal and gothic rock: they’re mostly bands that find new ways to merge gothic rock with heavy metal and drag both down at the same time. This is not the case here, because Arriving loud (featuring Crossspitter’s Melissa on vox/guitars) cultivates a sleek, sexy goth vibe that feels fully formed and cryptically mystical in all the right ways, yet fills that space with aggressive, rock-oriented heavy metal. Gothic rock isn’t just texture pasted on lukewarm mainstream metal here – it’s the real deal in every way.

–Ted Nubel

spell bookDeath Charms | Cruz del Sur Music | Heavy Metal + Hard Rock | United States

With a 70s pedal and a high nasal voice, SpellBook does not exactly hide the influence of a certain Heavy metal band from Birmingham, but they lean into mysticism with charming intensity and lay down the chilling stoner grooves this blossoming autumn season needs.

–Ted Nubel

StratovariusTo survive | earmusic | Melodic Power Metal | Finland

In fact, it’s been a while since the last Stratovarius album – this new album comes from the same line-up as Eternalhowever, and delivers the same level of shredding-packed power metal.

–Ted Nubel

SunnyIce | physical format | Atmospheric Post + Black Metal | Norway

Sometimes crystalline, luminous and ethereal, sometimes simply piercing, Ice is a relatively short glimpse into the world of atmospheric black metal loaded with elements of Sundrowned.

–Ted Nubel

contortOf earth and flesh | Eternal Spew Records | Death Metal | Australia

Melbourne’s Writing releases its first feature this week, and it’s as bilious and relentless as their 2020 demo Eternal in decay. This time, however, Writhing benefits from a cleaner production that balances pulverizing drums, rumbling bass and vocals from the insides in an enveloping cocoon of death metal. Writhing knows the power of a riff – cascading guitar sections on tracks like “Uncreation” build tension and dread without stopping to breathe. Although Writhing attributed the inspiration to the titans of the mid-90s, Of earth and flesh goes further than many opuses of the golden age by refusing to slow down, giving this album a side of madness and claustrophobia. This one comes out Friday via Everlasting Spew.

–Colin Williams

Adzes + PutrescineDivide | Independent | Mud Metal + Death Metal | United States (Seattle + San Diego)

During Putrescine’s second split of the year (their EP with Kosmogyr is also out on the 23rd), San Diego death metal takes off into the cosmos. With a 13-plus-minute track, Putrescine takes the opportunity to flex its progressive muscles, hinting at the grandest moments of its 2021 debut. The flame that goes out. They share the EP with Seattle-based solo actor Adzes. Relying on noise rock influences as well as the industrial bearing of Justin Broadrick’s verse, Adzes’ side of this split offers a muscular counterpoint to the crazy flights of Putrescine.

–Tom Morgan

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