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This year we’re trying something a little different and giving Eurovision fans two music highlights a month, one of current and former Eurovision participants and the other of those who unfortunately never reaches the ESC scene. We believe that all the artists who take part in the Eurovision pre-selections are still part of the community, and we hope this new series helps you celebrate them and their hard work!

Now, January has been a bit of a quiet month in the music world, but we still have 31 releases from around the world to share with a host of languages ​​like Spanish, Armenian, Slovenian, Albanian, Ukrainian and Portuguese to name a few. You can check out the full song playlist at the end of the article!

Luka Nižetić – Ako Tražiš Ljubav (Croatia – Dora 2019)

Luka Nižetić took place in Dora in 2019, coming in third place against Lorena Bućan and winner Roko Blažević – but what you might not know about Luka is that he has 5 studio albums and many singles that were recorded in Croatia from the start. to 2012. His song “Ako Tražiš Ljubav” or “If you are looking for love” features uplifting Croatian lyrics that deal with the subject of falling in love and how it is most important to love yourself before looking for love. love for oneself. The music video shows Luka collapsing to the bottom of a swimming pool in an almost meditative state, perhaps searching for the same self-love he sings about.

Carlos on the right – Acuerdate (Spain – Operation Triunfo 2018)

“Acuérdate” is yet another musical turning point for Carlos Right, who in the years since Operación Triunfo experimented with winning genres and sounds in his releases. His previous releases were the ballads “Marinero” and “Perdóname”, a dance pop track “Prisionero” and the emotional midtempo single “Borrándote”. But now it looks like Carlos has turned to the dark side, giving us a much more pop and punk version of his personality. The music video features two rebels in life, Carlso and his drummer, who continually encounter a mysterious yet attractive woman during their adventures. This is a song that is sure to get you dancing!

Dotter – Bon Voyage (Sweden – Melodifestivalen 2018, 2020, 2021)

Swedish singer and songwriter Dotter is back with another strong pop single, this time entirely in Swedish. The music video tells the story of Dotter’s so-called “friends” who left her at the convenience store and arrived at the nightclub alone. Then, when she arrives, they’re having a blast… without her. She seems to be lost and overwhelmed by the events around her, and also struggling with the feeling of being ignored by the other patrons of the nightclub. This leads to her having a moment alone in the bathroom, followed by a new sense of confidence that customers just can’t ignore. Overall, the clip is a complete short of 80s nostalgia, which has already garnered 47.5 thousand views on YouTube alone.

Lanberry – Nocny Express (Poland – Krajowe Elimination 2017)

Lanberry is a singer who has been tearing up the Polish music scene for a while now, but her career really took off after she took part in the Polish national final in 2017 where she came in 6th place. Since then, she has had many number one singles in Poland, such as her latest songs “Tracę”, “Mówiłeś” and “Nieznajomy”. Junior Eurovision fans might also be shocked to learn that she was part of the songwriting team for Roksana and Wiktoria, who won the competition back-to-back. His new song “Nocny Express” tells the story of missed matches, a couple who for some reason can never be together. If you are looking for a new artist to add to your playlist, we strongly recommend that you listen to their catalog, you will not regret it!

Fernando Daniel feat. Carolina Deslandes – Fim (Portugal – Festival da Canção 2017 and 2021)

We love when two artists from the National Finals come together to deliver an amazing song, and that’s exactly what “Fim” is. Eurovision fans should remember Carolina from last year’s edition of the Portuguese national final where she came second to The Black Mamba with the song “Por um triz”. Fernando participated in the Festival da Canção right after winning the fourth season of The Voice Portugal and worked with Henrique Feist on his song for the competition. After finishing 5th in the national final, he released 2 studio albums, with many singles, and was chosen in 2021 to be a coach on The Voice Portugal for children. His contestant Simão Oliveira would win the show and represent Portugal at JESC 2021, with Fernando helping him write his song.

Anja Kotar – January (Slovenia – EMA 2016)

Anja has also been making great music outside of the Eurovision bubble, and for 2022 she’s started a project to write a new song for each month of the year. This song is a heartfelt ballad about the new things January can bring and how resolutions might fade as quickly as they were made. She is known for her homemade music videos and her music has released a number of hit songs with over 20,000 plays on YouTube. His most popular releases to date are the songs “House Party”, “Tuscany” and “Kids”.

Check out the full song playlist below!

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