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While Lilla and Nick are longtime collaborators and friends who have spent a year apart during the pandemic, they have come together seamlessly to discuss what VET is, a contrast of alternative pop innovation and blunt lyricism of shoegaze atmospheres.

Anti-socialist‘is VETS’ debut single, and it’s a song that conveys the unsettling feeling of having your life on the right track externally, while feeling just as alien as when you were a teenager.

It was written by Lilla and Nick, both multi-instrumentalists who co-produced the track. “When COVID hit, we went from writing together pretty much every week to not writing at all for over a year,” Lilla said of the song’s creation. “Our first comeback session together was supposed to be a Friday afternoon session, but it turned into a full weekend to clear out everything that had accumulated since we last saw each other. “

“After a year of isolation, we both came to this session with a mindset that brought out ideas that we had never discussed before,” adds Nick. “For our own sanity, we had to try something completely different, and that’s how we started VETS.”

“Anti-Socialite” was born out of Lilla’s boredom and frustration with the recording contract she was in at the time.

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