MicroKits Theremin electronic kit makes STEM learning fun and rewarding

Kids will enjoy building their own musical invention while learning about electrical science and engineering.

The MicroKits Theremin electronic kit is the perfect way for children, students and hobbyists to build their first electronic circuit. After following the easy-to-understand instructions, kit builders will have their very own theremin. A theremin is an electronic musical instrument that makes music when a player’s hands move through electric fields in the air surrounding two antennae.

MicroKits aims to make STEM learning accessible, fun and rewarding. The theremin kit comes with a colorful 22-page instruction booklet, which breaks down the building process into steps. At each break, users can check their progress and learn more about the circuit they are doing. Unlike other electronic kits, this kit requires no soldering or special tools, allowing anyone to build their own theremin. Nevertheless, this kit uses the same electronic components that engineers use to make circuit boards.

A DIY science kit is a great way to get kids interested in physics and electronics while developing hands-on skills. In one hour, kids can create their own working circuit, giving them the satisfaction of creating their own invention and the confidence to continue learning electronics. The finished theremin is a fun musical instrument to play and a fascinating demonstration of the physics of electric fields.

By combining engineering with musical creativity, this kit makes electrical engineering exciting for a wider range of students who might be overwhelmed by STEM subjects. Fostering 21st century STEM skills in the next generation is more important than ever. By inspiring children to build their own electronics early in life, MicroKits hopes to inspire the next generation of inventors and innovators.

About MicroKits

David Levi is an electrical engineer who created electronic components for children’s toys at major toy companies before using his knowledge and experience to launch MicroKits in 2020. Existing theremin kits were too expensive and designed to experienced builders who already knew soldering, so he developed a theremin kit that’s easy, accessible, and ready to build right out of the box.

“Theremins are one of the most spectacular ways to demonstrate the physics behind circuits,” Levi said. “When I was a young student, it took hundreds of dollars and complicated assembly to build a theremin. But with this kit, I made it easy for anyone to get started.

After the success of its theremin kit, MicroKits is growing and now developing new musical electronic inventions.

About the Theremin

A theremin has two antennae: a vertical pitch antenna and a horizontal volume antenna. When a player moves their hands near an antenna, it increases the strength of electric fields in the air between the player’s hand and the antenna. Circuitry inside the theremin changes the pitch and volume of an output signal based on this change in electric fields.

The theremin was invented in 1920 by Leon Theremin and was one of the first electronic musical instruments. Since then he has wowed audiences and inspired musicians with his ability to create long wavering notes. This instrument also inspired engineers, including Robert Moog who sold theremin kits before inventing the first commercial synthesizer in the 1960s.


The MicroKits Theremin electronic kit makes the theremin accessible to students and hobbyists. This easy-to-use science kit makes a great gift for kids and will inspire confidence and curiosity in the next generation of inventors.

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