Man robbed Salisbury Township convenience store at gunpoint, stole more than $5,000: police | Local News

A Chester County man pointed a gun at a clerk inside a Salisbury Township convenience store and demanded she give him money, then made off with more than $5,000 in cash, according to the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.

Kenneth Frederick Byrd Jr., 61, of Downington, pointed the gun at the clerk as he robbed a Sunoco store in the 7100 block of Division Highway on January 8, the prosecutor’s office said in a press release Monday.

Byrd’s case will head to the Court of Common Pleas in Lancaster after a preliminary hearing on Wednesday heard by Judge Raymond Sheller. He is charged with robbery and the misdemeanor of assault, terrorism threats and possession of an instrument of a crime.

The Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office said the man seen here pointing a gun at a clerk inside the Salisbury Township Sunoco store on January 8, 2022 is Kenneth Frederick Byrd Jr.

The clerk identified Byrd during the hearing, saying she “couldn’t forget her eyes,” according to the press release.

Jonathan Patrick Chippor, Byrd’s attorney, declined a request for comment on Monday.

The clerk told state police she was counting money from a lottery machine behind the counter as she prepared to close for the evening when a man matching Byrd’s description entered. the store wearing a gaiter-style face covering and went to the restroom.

The man came out of the restroom and approached the clerk behind the counter as she placed the money in a safe, pointing a gun at her and ordering her to ‘give me the bag’, the man said. prosecutor’s office. The clerk then handed the thief a bag containing approximately $5,500 in cash.

Surveillance footage showed the thief limping and driving a red Honda Civic that belongs to Byrd’s girlfriend.

A search of the Honey Brook address where Byrd and his girlfriend had been staying uncovered $2,715 in cash in an upstairs bedroom and a blank gun resembling the one used in the paint can robbery full in the garage. A gaiter-style face covering similar to the one worn in the flight was found inside the Civic.

Authorities believe Byrd also stole a Honey Brook Express in May 2021.

Judge Sheller set Byrd’s bond at $150,000 at a preliminary arraignment on Jan. 25. He remains in Lancaster County Jail, unable to release that amount, according to court records.

Byrd will be formally arraigned on March 11.

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