Local music entrepreneur will host more than 50 vendors in pop-up shop in Albany Capital Center

ALBANY — Kay Hollywood, owner of YRR Clothing Co. and recording artist, is hosting a pop-up shop from 2-7 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 20 at the Albany Capital Center.

“I have a lot of people coming from all over. It’s not just a pop-up shop in Albany,” Hollywood said. “When I say this is the biggest pop-up store of 2022 and the first event in Albany of the year, that’s it.”

“I’ve been working on this pop-up shop for the last year, and now it’s two days away,” Hollywood continued enthusiastically.

Originally from Albany, she has always been driven by her family to succeed in life by pursuing her dreams.

With her father successfully opening his own McDonald’s franchise, Hollywood was driven to find her passion in life.

“My family always supported me and told me to follow my dreams,” she said.

By the time she graduated from the New School Center for Media in 2017, she had a successful podcast and had been invited to perform at events all over town and had even opened for rapper, Cassidy, at one of his concerts in Brooklyn.

She then used her creativity to create her clothing brand, YRR Clothing Co., and built the brand to network with other business owners, give back to the community and organize events.

Discussing how this event will affect the community in the city of Albany, Hollywood emphasized, “I want them to see that I’m still the same girl who grew up here. I’ve never forgotten where I came from. come.”

YRR means young, rich and reckless. It’s reminiscent of the community of young people she grew up with who felt untouchable in the world and unafraid to embrace who they are, no matter how quirky.

Since launching her brand, Hollywood has hosted back-to-school events, Christmas giveaways, and even donated apparel from her line to community members in need.

“That’s what my city is: young kids, who think nobody can tell them anything, who act recklessly,” she said.

The event will feature over 50 vendors from multiple states, live performances, raffles, giveaways, face painting, and more.

Passionate about giving back and being a mentor to young people who aspire to succeed in their future, Hollywood wants them to know, “Anyone can do it. As long as you stay focused, there’s no way you can’t achieve your dreams.

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