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MUSIC and MC promoter January Ivula, better known as Zakes Tabakan, recently released his new song ‘Life is a Game’.

The song was mastered by Mnali Makazola and released on Donluafrica last week under H25, a marketing company owned by Ivula.

Between 2006 and 2013, the promoter released songs such as ‘Nog Vanjaar’ and ‘Julle Gat My Voel’.

Ivula says that at the time he gave up music and decided to pursue a career in the promotion industry.

His first MC concert was alongside media personality and brand influencer Pombili Shilongo in 2013 at the Oranjemund Diamond Festival.

“I felt that the // Kharas region needed a musical promoter. I also wanted to help the industry for which I have a great passion, ”he says.

Ivula has in the past directed artists like Tate Buti, Exit, Sunny Boy, Mushe, Kaboy Kamakili, Amazonkies and Tabakanz. Among the artists currently under his wing are Markes Haufiku, Yorhinuz King Biko, Rasmarley and Mnali Makazola.

“All these years I have been on the streets selling artists’ music and spending long hours promoting shows. I have now decided to sell my own music too. I don’t know if people will like it or not, but I do. I want to thank those who have inspired me so far. I’m going to do it with a full heart, ”he says.

Ivula says the song aims to encourage hard work, teamwork, leadership, competition, unity and greatness.

He says the music industry is a challenge, but thinks he has what it takes to make it happen.

“I want to prove to artists that I understand our industry. I was often in the studio with artists while they were making music. I mainly want to thank Exit for the experience. Over the years, I have taken so many artists to producers. Now I have to face my own difficulties with various things, such as investments, attitudes and good times, ”he says.

Ivula plans to release an album later this year.

He says his stage name will change to January Tabakan at that time. “I’m going to change my stage name because Zakes’s name actually belongs to Zakes from South Africa. January is my real name and is very special to me,” he says.

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