IKEA collaborates with the Swedish House Mafia

OBEGRÄNSAD, which means “unlimited” in Swedish, is an unexpected collection of furniture that is rendered in an equally unusual Ikea coloring – all black. Obergansad is the result of a collaboration with the Swedish House Mafia.

The collection is built on the group’s ideas about the needs of those starting their musical or creative career. “Ever since we were children, we have appreciated IKEA’s approach of making things affordable and available to a large number of people. We used to find a creative way to make IKEA furniture to fit our teenage lives as creatives, so the purpose of the collaboration formed around our own personal journey in life,” says the Swedish House Mafia.

The iconic super-trio has a remarkable history filled with triumphant firsts and game-changing gestures that inspired future generations of producers, but also paved the way for countless upcoming dance artists. Plus, they did it all with less than a dozen records to release and only one real radio hit. The addition of design congratulations to the list is equally impressive and they started out as the most versatile color ever used by creatives.

There are plenty of things I use every day that are made by Ikea, the ubiquitous Swedish furniture company. With 326 stores in 38 countries, IKEA sold $23.1 billion worth of goods in 2010, an increase of 7.7% over the previous year. During covid, the furniture maker saw global sales increase by 6.6% despite closing stores during the extended lockdown. Its global ubiquity also means that this creator informs domestic life, our routines and our attitudes. When Ikea stopped selling incandescent bulbs, we all went green. When they and their collaborators embrace black, we become everyday creatives ourselves.

Target everyone who enjoys the music experience at home and beyond: music fans, music producers, DJs, and all creators with limited means but unlimited creativity. Development of technology has enabled musical democracy, and the collection aims to support the creative pursuits of the many people who create, perform and enjoy music at home.

The collection consists of more than 20 intelligent furnishing solutions for the production and play music at home – as well as solutions for listening to music and creating a a relaxed atmosphere. The Obergansad shelving unit, the KALLAX remake which is designed with extra space for amplifiers and a taller piece of furniture, Obergansad desk with speaker stands and a sliding shelf, as well as Obergansad means laptop, tablet and speakers. A mix of lighting – including ambient light in the Obergansad clock – and upholstery fabrics are essential to create the right mood and get into the creative flow. The rest of the collection includes LED works, sconces and floor lamps, a clock; laptops, tablets, speakers and record carriers; a desk, two shelving options, an armchair, four bag options including an accessory, backrest and laptop bag, rug and sleepers in two sizes, throw and cushion cover. Obergansad was conceptualized as an affordable collection with the classic black aesthetic and a sleek, minimalist design that supports technology and how it is used.

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