I asked local fashion brands which in-store playlists they use the most

“Music is so intertwined with everything we do creatively.”

I worked in fashion retail for the better part of a decade, so you’d think I know the power of a really great playlist. What happens in a store sets the tone for customers and sellers. You can feel the shift in energy as a carefully curated selection of songs make their way through the store (and back again).

Of course, Playlists are the perfect choice for a multitude of environments – your desk, on a long car ride, at dinner, or on a booty call. Pretty much anywhere or anytime when you don’t want to drain all your brain power queuing up song after song, naively hoping they flow seamlessly together.

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Obviously, fashion brands have a plethora of playlists they’ve curated to keep their store’s atmosphere just right (or al dente, if you will). Below, I’ve asked five of our favorite local stores to share their favorites with us.

Ramp Tramp Tramp Stamp

I love that RTTS land makes me feel like a little oasis in the middle of the city, so I played a lot of generic spa music! I find it very peaceful and relaxing. However, recently a client recommended a musician Wendy rules volume. His music has the same meditative magical and mystical qualities as spa music, but is much more special.

She has songs that sound like your walking through an enchanted forest or swimming in a waterfall. When I need something a little more upbeat, I listen to the RTTS playlist my dear friend and DJ Angie Osman made for the Butterfly Pea Flower Tea collectible photo shoot.


Sister Studios

We LOVE making playlists, we spend hours making them at home, in the studio and in the shop! This is a cute song we worked on together for Hope Street Radio. We joke that we have fun playlists and Emma’s independent playlists.

This was one of our independent playlists that we created a few months ago. It has lots of old goldies like REM and some new cuties we love like HTRK. It’s just a nice easy listen for work and the studio.


Error 404

At Error404, we always have music in store. We organize a ‘Listen‘ on our website where we upload special releases from the local and international E404 community of musicians and DJs. These artists cross all kinds of genres and sounds, making for an eclectic listening experience in-store.

Some of my favorite E404 blends to date have been Moktar’s Uplifting Blend during one of Naarm’s many lockdowns, the impressive Vessa live synth setand the Solaris Inspired Zaric Jewelry Mix by brother-sister duo Aleksandar and Nastja – it’s like a musical journey through space.


Collective cupboards

Music is so intertwined with everything we do creatively. For as long as Fatuma and I can remember, music has been how we have connected with our community, reinforcing the fabric of our shared human experiences.

We release a new playlist with each collection to set the tone for the season. We love to celebrate musical artists of color and the sounds of the African continent. This was the playlist of our summer collection. He holds such a special place in our hearts.


Suction cup

There’s a lot of old school R&B and hip-hop coming through Sucker’s speakers and there’s always been [been]. It brings a bit of attitude and kick to the day. The playful, bouncy production behind all the 90s rap tracks is unlike anything out there today – there’s a bit of hard, sexy energy behind it that we think brings fun to the mix. shopping experience.

The likes of De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, TLC, Pharcyde, Eve, Andre 3000, Diddy and Lil Kim are just a few in the rotation. We try to stick to playlists as we had a few incidents playing casual porn interlude albums that turned heads in the store. Definitely learned from those mistakes.

We love to hear each of the team members rip off the AUX and bring their own flavor to the store when they’re on duty, but usually the default is old school. We love the feeling of nostalgia that this kind of music brings us to big kids. We also love seeing people walking past and dancing to whatever vibrates outside the store.


For tips on curating playlists, go to here.

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