How the Afropop Sensation alternative Amaarae goes shopping


“I grew up around so many unique characters,” says growing altered musician Amaarae of her distinctive and versatile style. Born in the Bronx, raised between Atlanta and New Jersey before moving to Accra as a teenager and briefly returning to Atlanta for college, the traveling star spent time with a variety of people who all had one thing in mind. common: “They love music. Through all these different people, I was imbibing all kinds, and by the time I realized I wanted to make music, I knew how to rap, how to sing, how to write songs. songs, how to make beats, ”says the 27-year-old.

Torn between wanting to do songs like Stevie Nicks and Gucci Mane, Britney Spears and Kelis, Amaarae wanted to be able to “do it all”. “I think that’s where I finally landed with [my album] The angel you don’t know… I felt comfortable tapping into the genre I wanted. I was just doing it my way.

The record (which features TikTok’s flagship track “SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY” – Kali Uchis’ remix composes millions of videos on the platform), mixes this broad approach to sound with her fashion sense. psychedelic and free. . She’s just as comfortable in loose fits as she is in bright, tight mini-dresses – or sitting with Vogue to The Ivy wearing a OODE Company hood. Below, she takes us through her life in fashion.

What was the first fashion item you liked?

When we were younger my mother had these Burberry shirts printed in a very cool silk material with graphics printed on them.

What about the last fashion item you bought?

A pair of Prada Napa Tech white boots in a LA Nordstrom.

If you had to start from scratch and keep just one piece in your wardrobe, what would it be?

These ripped ASOS jeans with running patches I’ve had for five years. They never fail me. I can gain 20 pounds, I can lose 20 pounds, they still look good.

What clothes could you not do without?

A good bra. Nordstrom or Macy’s have the best. This pair that I bought for around $ 60 was the best buy of my life.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

I find cool stuff all over the internet. As AVAVAV by Beate Karlsson, who makes those monstrous boots and gloves that I discovered on the ‘gram.

If you need a short-term outfit, where can you count to find something awesome?

Really, ASOS. They have variety. If you need something quick it’s like, I know it could be cute on me. If I need an adjustment, I usually start two weeks in advance and go through all the inventory. I save all the tabs, put everything in the basket, then maybe a week later I start deducting. On the second or third day, I’m fixed on what to order.

What’s your favorite look you’ve created?

This purple Daily newspaper graphic jacket with a bunch of cool comics sewn in, a pair of Ragged priest jeans, and Simon Miller green crocodile boots, a Kai Collective silk shirt and Von Dutch hat.

How would you describe your style?

Cool and comfortable.

What do you do on a daily basis?

Sweatshirts, a cool graphic t-shirt and sneakers. Once again, comfort!

What are your biggest stylistic influences?

I constantly watch Donatella Versace and Dior ’99 or ’98 print ads. The colors, the energy, the aggressiveness – in your face type it makes you feel like a bad bitch. I wouldn’t say I’m inspired, but I love the way Zendaya dresses: impeccable. Cardi B: fire. Jared Leto – he thinks he’s Jesus, but he can dress. It’s a nice balance between male and female, but it still looks like a man. Sexy.

Which brand do you think more people should know about?

All these young Africans who make a lot of waves. Culture Orange Nigeria and Africa to marrow are fire, just like Project David, who made a custom look for my show [below]. Blank canvas is a cool Ghanaian brand. He’s a painter who’ll take a basic shirt and do some Jackson Pollock bullshit, even with traditional African clothes that you’re not supposed to ‘degrade’ in our culture – he just said shit, and I think it was. is fire.

What is your biggest fashion regret?

Most of my regrets are romantic, I don’t know fashion [laughs]. I have a lot of them, my life is filled with fashion regrets. I feel like you can’t love fashion if you’re not willing to look stupid or half-crazy for it.

What’s your best shopping tip?

I hate shopping in physics; I like to shop online. What is my online shopping advice? If it’s too expensive, don’t even think about it, buy it. Take a break, when you come back if you still really want it, don’t even look at the price, buy it. Sometimes I don’t check my balance for a week.

What were the references on your moodboard for your future collaboration with Bree Runway?

Bree is a superstar, she is so full of life. She walks into a room and you just know there’s a star. She washed me so hard on the track, I had to go back and write a second verse to redeem myself. The video moodboard was very clean and dark – think clean stitching with a touch of Mad Max.


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