Hornchurch East Coast Music store closed



11:21 am 3 November 2021

11:25 am 3 November 2021

A Hornchurch music store is set to close next month after 20 years.

John Cook, owner of East Coast Music in Hornchurch Road, had to find another way to trade due to the shift to online shopping.

He organizes a half-price sale while supplies last.

John said he was happy to offer the discount before Christmas so people could “get a good deal.”

The 56-year-old said the store will close on December 19, but if all inventory sells it will close sooner.

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He said the shutdown comes as people stop shopping in stores.

“I used to sell good instruments that didn’t need to be fixed because they were good.

“Now people are buying shoddy instruments online or used instruments that need to be repaired and it has migrated that way.

“With the growth of Amazon, more and more people are shopping online, and that’s fine with me because they still need repairs.”

After the store is closed, John said he hopes to set up a mobile repair service where he can pick up the customer’s instruments, repair them and then bring them back.

He said: “People work when the store is open so I’m going to change over time by changing my business model from a high street store to a mobile one.”

John said one of the strengths of running the store was winning the Community’s Best Business Award at the 2008 Essex Business Awards.

“You can’t beat Amazon and I didn’t want to be a cranky trader moaning that the business is down, you just need to grab other opportunities,” John said.

While in lockdown, John has built a workshop at the back of his home in Hornchurch and it will become his new workplace.

Expecting not to have to work a six day week, he said: “I am excited for next year and will continue to trade from the same website.”

John’s website can be accessed at: https://www.eastcoastmusic.co.uk/.


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