Half-moon: The DONG-A ILBO

Poetry is made to be read. But this poem does not stop at reading. When you read the poem with your eyes, it feels oddly familiar. You will find yourself humming a melody. This becomes clear when you reach the part, “It’s okay, in the western country.” You will then finally identify the song. It’s true. These are the lyrics to the “Half Moon” we all know.

Some might say that children’s song lyrics are not poems. To be precise, writing poems and writing lyrics are not the same. Today, not all poems are sung. But in a larger sense, the language of songs and the language of poetry are the same. A long time ago it was the same. In the West, the word lyrical comes from the musical instrument lyre. Poetry has forgotten this fact, and songs remember it. In the past, humming a melody was like reading a poem. However, as poetry and songs separated, our mouths gradually forgot about poetry.

A Yoon Geuk-young music book can also be called a Yoon children’s poetry book. He was both a lyricist and a poet. You’ll immediately approve of it once you sing the “Half Moon” poem. Not to mention the melody, the lyrics take us to a distant land that we all missed. It allows us to see the invisible and to dream the unimaginable. So let’s wait for the moon to rise and sing this song. It will be a time for the three selves, singing and poetry.

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