Find out more about your Apple Music songs with the Shazam “NowPlaying” application

Apple Music has just received a new customer with NowPlaying, a brand new app launched by developer Hidde Van Der Ploeg. It combines Shazam-like functionality but with a special touch. Go below for details.

Recently released, with NowPlaying, users can quickly find out which song is playing while letting people know more about the music that is playing. The developer explains the advantage of the application:

Currently, you would need to know the record by heart, count the grooves, or look at the cover art and label to find out which song is playing. NowPlaying will tell you everything we can find for the music found. Like editorial notes, where the song was recorded, and even who played what instrument.

NowPlaying has some key features, such as:

  • Automatically detect via ShazamKit: With ShazamKit, you can know exactly what music is playing, allowing the app to be a display extension of your record player or radio, and to automatically switch when the song changes.
  • Learn more about the song played: NowPlaying tells you everything the app can find for matching music, like editorial notes, where the song was recorded, and more.

Available for iPhone and iPad, just sign in to your Apple Music account to quickly add the songs you discover to your library. With a clean interface, it uses the colors of the album cover art to ensure that the interface always matches the aesthetic of the song.

You can also use pointers and shortcuts support for iPadOS, share song URL with friends, search for music on Discogs, hide buttons for an even more minimalist interface, and enjoy NowPlaying in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian or Portuguese.

Going forward, the app plans to add a favorite feature so you can save the (re) discovered songs, as well as add support for Spotify, widgets, a tvOS companion, and an Apple Watch app. .

NowPlaying is available on the App Store here for $ 1.99, but some lucky players from 9to5Mac can get a promotional code given by the developer himself. Here they are:

  • Y77YM7E4LKR3

Be sure to share in the comments section below what you think of NowPlaying and if you are one of the lucky readers who received a promo code.


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