Eagles Drumline shares the gift of music with the autism community

Jeff Phipps, Educational Business Developer for Steve Weiss Music, said, “We always look forward to supporting the Philadelphia Eagles organization in their community engagement programs and want to use music and drumming to connect us all. This drumline sensory experience encapsulates the wonderful inclusiveness that music offers.”

Students were instantly drawn to the sounds of the instruments as the Eagles Drumline, with their Mapex drums draped in electric green lights, made their way down the center aisle of the assembly hall and onto the stage.

“Our belief at Mapex is that music is an essential and rewarding part of life. The Eagles Drumline unites fans through music and their work in the community, and we were proud to be involved in this sensory drumline experience. “said John Harvill. , Relations with the artists of Mapex Marching Arts.

Andy Moffatt, captain of the Eagles Drumline, was so proud of how the performance was received.

“Just to see the way the kids’ faces light up with the music in general, especially the drum line,” Moffatt said. “Sometimes it’s the vibrations they feel, and not even the sounds – they’ll just hit the drum and feel the vibration. To see the kids out there today moving through the aisles and dancing in their seats at all what we do, it just means the world.”

After the energetic performance, the students participated in breakout sessions throughout the day to continue exposing them to the music – a priority for the Eagles Autism Foundation, The Vanguard School and Steve Weiss Music.

“Having them choose us, The Vanguard School, to come and share this wonderful morning with our children and our staff is both heartwarming and exciting,” said Valley Forge Educational Services Executive Director Dr. Grace Fornicola. .

Each student was also sent home with a tambourine, so they always had access to music.

“To be able to witness the thrill of being so directly involved with the Eagles Autism Foundation and the Eagles organization in general is really a morale booster for our kids,” Fornicola said.

However, this wasn’t the first time the Eagles Autism Foundation had partnered with the school. The Vanguard School is a past recipient of Community Grants. Their grant funded Phin’s Cafe, a student-run cafe and snack bar located on campus. Students make sales as well as take and prepare orders, which teaches them important work, collaboration and leadership skills.

“It’s not that we write a check and wish them well. We really embrace them, bring them closer to the organization and find other opportunities to support them,” Hammond said.

It’s just another step forward for Hammond and the staff of the Eagles Autism Foundation.

“It’s not just about what we do at Lincoln Financial Field or who we invest in – it’s about digging in and being part of the community, being alongside them,” Hammond added. “It’s just about making sure they know we have their back and that when we get the chance to bring something new to their community, we will and we’ll provide music, inclusion, excitement and celebrating with our fans.”

“Awareness in action.” It’s a phrase coined by the Eagles Autism Foundation and it’s the perfect representation of how the mission is executed on a daily basis.

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